Simplified Chinese & Patch 1.2: Monastery Life

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Hello young gods!

Two exciting events today; the game is available in simplified Chinese and Update 1.2: Monastery Life is ready for you to play!

Simplified Chinese
We recently got the opportunity to translate Godhood into Simplified Chinese. We gladly took this chance, which we're grateful for. We hope our new Chinese gods will enjoy playing Godhood! We're continuing to look for opportunities to translate the game to other languages.

Monastery Life
We already showed some of the new things that would arrive in this new update. I'll quickly highlight 2 other improvements.

Two New Traditions
With Martial Arts you need to take control over your initiative. Overpower abilities will lower Armor for 1 round, so you want others to capitalize on it. To go even further, you...

Godhood Patch 1.1 now released

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Hello young gods!

Today we bring you a new update packed with some requested features, fixes and some community ideas! Let's dive right into it!

Free Mode
When you select the difficulty for your run of Godhood, you can now also enable Free Mode. This will unlock all Tenets and Traditions without meeting their prerequisites! This will allow you to create truly incoherent religions easily, or finally try out that killer combo you had in mind. If you wish, you can even mix-up starting commandments like Pleasure and Madness to gain access to an extra starting relic and their class! Go crazy!

New Traditions
With Freedom of Religion, we introduce 4 new Traditions! They are all Community Ideas!
  • Revelations: Age your Disciples quicker, and give them one final revelation before their death. This will give you more...

Update #7 / Version 1.0: Godhood is now released!

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Dear young gods and goddesses,

What a journey it has been! Many of you have seen us rise from the ashes of our Early Access release. Now is finally the time to open a new chapter. First and foremost, we want to thank all of you who took a bet on our Early Access release. Without your help we could not have made this unique game! We thank you for your patronage, and hope you'll enjoy this update!

So let's get to it! What's in your juicy update download?


Major New
  • 3 new Islands added! This makes for an exciting finish of the game, where the 6th island will face you against Quetzalcoatl's chosen!
  • You can now Finish a run! Every commandment has a unique World Religion and a Truth ending!
  • Greed is now playable with the Charlatan class!
  • Added 3 Greed Traditions: Bribery, God of Thieves, and Trade Missions!
  • At the start of the game, you will be asked to pick...

Godhood ascends Early Access on August 11th!

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We’re almost there, gods and goddesses!

After more than a year in Early Access, we’re proud to present Godhood as a full product on the 11th of August! Let the nectar of the gods flow on that blessed day. Together with the help of some amazing players, we’re working on bringing a blast of an update to celebrate this milestone!

Just to get a little bit excited, here are some more features we’re introducing!

Expect to finally play as a deity of Greed! Greed has traditions that rely more heavily on having materials. But fear not! Their unique class, the Charlatan, can use his cunning and knowledge to steal materials from the heretics. Classy!

Animal & Dedication Tenets
They’re back! Dogs, cats and llamas will be back to roam your city. And of course, you can declare them holy...

Godhood Ascension; Rising up to 1.0!

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Greetings, young Gods!

Our latest update was a great success! We've seldomly had so many people positively engaged with Godhood before! Thanks for all the feedback and support! We take this as an encouragement to make more interesting improvements to Godhood! So what can you expect from us in the coming months?

Moving to 1.0
After a (back-breaking!) year of Early Access, we're finally arriving at what we consider to be the premise and start point of Godhood. We set out to make an indirect, strategic game where you could create your own religion. Let's be fair, we had a false start in 2019. The game had little of our trademark depth and charm. The keen eye saw it was there, but needed a lot of attention. We thank you for your support and constructive criticism!

With your help, we really transformed the game. Now, we're getting close to that goal. With that, our next big update will be the 1.0 release! In that release we're going to deliver some cool things...