Joni van der Leeuw

Weekly Update #4

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Hey there young gods,

Rick is a bit under the weather today, unfortunately, so for this weekly update I'm afraid you're stuck with a different chef: me, Joni. Apologies for the Dutchisms and the lack of visual flair in advance! But no worries, there's still enough to rejoice about this week.

What we're doing right now
The Worm Moon Alpha phase has concluded and we've gathered a lot of feedback from veteran alpha testers and the kind folks that had a first taste of the game because of their Kickstarter contribution: big thanks to all of you!

We're currently processing all that information and turning it into improvements to the game. Next to that we're working on some planned and unplanned additions we came up...

Weekly Update #1

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Hi young gods!

It's been a little bit! Kickstarter-fever is starting to wind down here at the Abbey, as we patiently wait (read: eagerly develop Godhood) while Kickstarter processes the funding you graciously chose to support us with. In the meantime let's use this first weekly update to take a look at how Godhood's shaping up!
Remember, we will get back to backers regarding the fulfillment of rewards (including keys to Reus & Renowned Explorers) as soon as Kickstarter is done processing the campaign funds, which could still take another week and a half or so.

We'd like to let you know that late backing options are now available over at Be sure to...

The Godhood Kickstarter has succeeded! Now what?

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Hey young gods!

Thank you all so much for your support during this Kickstarter. Because of your help backing and spreading the word, this Kickstarter's gone far beyond anything we could've hoped for! Thanks to all your support, the Kickstarter campaign for Godhood has succeeded!

Let's go over where we go from here.

Kickstarter Processing
Kickstarter will take up to two weeks to process the funds before it gets to us. As soon as everything checks out we'll get back to you with surveys through Kickstarter about your rewards. These will contain:
  • Which platform you want to receive digital rewards (Steam or GOG).
  • How you'd like to appear in the credits.
  • If you have access to the alpha periods, we'll need your proper credentials to give you said access.
  • if you backed on tiers allowing you to name / design content: specifics of your design-ideas.
For all rewards goes: we'll send them over to you as soon as we have your necessary...

New Gameplay Teaser Trailer for Godhood!

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It's been four months since we last shared some moving images from Godhood; time for some new ones!

Heads-up: Godhood is going Kickstarter!

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This time around, we don't want to take these steps all by ourselves: we want to proceed with you, the community around Abbey Games and Godhood, in particular, involved in the process! And that's why we wanted to give you a little heads-up on our next big step in making Godhood a reality, which is a Kickstarter campaign that we're planning to run approximately around February 2019!