Sign up for the Godhood alpha!

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Sign up for Godhood alpha here!

It's been a while and we've teased it a bunch, but now it's finally time to open up about Godhood a bit. We've planned to share some insight into what's going on behind the scenes through posts, visual content, chats, and whatnot on a very, very short term. But that's not all; we also want (some of) you to start playing the game! That's what the alpha testing program is for.

In the past couple of weeks, we've secretly already let a handful of community members play around with an alpha version of the game. And in the coming weeks, we're going to let some more people in, starting Wednesday the 5th of December.

As we hope you understand, we'll keep the group of testers small in the beginning. We aim to let new testers in with every update to the alpha version of the game that we release, to keep a fresh...

Abbey games has a new community hub and forum!

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Welcome to the new place for all your updates, discussion and community activity around Abbey Games, the studio behind Reus, Renowned Explorers and Godhood!

Up our community-game
We took a long hard look at our old forums and our other means to communicate with people that play and/or love our games and decided that it was time to up our community-game a bit. We want this hub (because it's more than just a forum) to become the go-to place for everyone who is interested - even very slightly - in Abbey Games or one of its games. This will be the place where you'll get to know first about new developments around Godhood and Renowned Explorers (yes, we're still working on it!) through announcements and in-depth pieces of content by actual developers. It will also be the place where you can report any issue with any of our games and be absolutely sure that we hear you. The internet is a big place, but we hope to make it feel small and cozy as long as you're tuned in to...

Heads-up: Godhood is going Kickstarter!

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This time around, we don't want to take these steps all by ourselves: we want to proceed with you, the community around Abbey Games and Godhood, in particular, involved in the process! And that's why we wanted to give you a little heads-up on our next big step in making Godhood a reality, which is a Kickstarter campaign that we're planning to run approximately around February 2019!