Update #6 Sneak-peek: Temples and Rituals

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Hello young gods!

Here we are with some new info on our upcoming update! This time, let's look at Miracles and Rituals! First, the old places like the Farm and Meditation Circle have been replaced by real temples.

For example, the Farm has been replaced by the Temple of Harvest. Around the temple, other buildings will pop up. The harvest temple encourages more farms to be build. The harvest is blessed anyway!

It's still a place to improve your Disciples to become stronger. However, it's effects are a little bit different...

One of the things we often see coming back in feedback, is that the Disciples don't do much on their own. Well, not anymore! Disciples will now perform rituals every day to improve themselves and their understanding of your...

Update #6 Sneak-peek: Tenet Development!

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Salute, young gods,

In this Sneak-peak we want to show off one of our most exciting new features: Tenet Development! We had our fair share of feedback on how there is not enough Religion-making in Godhood. We agree. To support this demanding fantasy, we made some big changes to how your religion develops in Godhood.


Instead of having a tree that narrows down your path, you will now be able to create your religion much more to your liking. Whenever your community has developed far enough, you will be able to pick a Tenet.

A tenet can be about one of the three categories:
  1. Adoration: How should they adore you? This gives faith to your Disciples
  2. Social: What is acceptable social behavior? These rules will make your people happy
  3. Philosophy: What attitude...

Moving towards Ascension: Update #6 Sneak-Peek

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Dear religious leaders,
I bring you more good news: Godhood is moving full speed towards its ascension out of Early Access! As promised in our roadmap, we still had a few things we wanted to see improved. Today I bring you a little peek into our 3 major features for the upcoming update, aimed in improving those points. let's pray for skill and diligence to make it work!

The 3 major features are:
  1. Tenet Rework: Much more mixing and matching of more thematic religious dogmas.
  2. Consequences: the people of your religion will react to your tenets!
  3. Inspirations & Repeating Rituals: Disciples will have their own ideas of what to do in the Holy City. Guide their choices!


Update #5: Righteous Rituals has arrived!

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Hey young gods! Hopefully you're all safe and healthy.

Today, we're happy to bring you another update for Godhood! Due to the great positive response to our last update, we've decided to supercharge our update schedule. Today, as a bit of a surprise maybe, we continue our efforts to make Godhood shine!
With this update we're further improving the quality of Godhood on all fronts, while preparing ourselves for our next big update! The key features are:

  • Ritual Customization: Help developing the rituals your Disciples choose to bring you glory, and them strength!
  • Fervor: Disciple use Fervor to do missions. Carry-over HP is removed
  • Martyrs: You can make your Disciples suffer for extra converts in Sacrament!
  • All New Passives: A serious rehaul of the passives of ALL...

Sneak-Peek Update #5: Martyrs and Fervor

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Hello aspiring gods!

It's been almost 2 weeks since we launched our biggest update yet with "Newfound Shores"! We're now looking forward to our next update: "Righteous Rituals"! The update is planned for this month!

This update will again bring you a set of improvements and features worthy of your religion. Lets take a look at two of the changes we're bringing in:


Think your Disciples can convert any who oppose you? Why not convert more by making your Disciples suffer for the righteous cause! Give the enemy a head-start by jeering and striking your Disciples down, and then impress them with a biblical comeback!

This way, you can increase the risk you take. The wise will know exactly when they're asking too much of their disciples, and when their devotion will be rewarded.

Our design goals with Martyrs is to...