Early Access Roadmap 2.0

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This is our Early Access Roadmap forward from the Newfound Shores Update! We met all our goals of the previous roadmap, so it's time to come with more details on the future! We always appreciate feedback and support. :)

These features are 100% going to be in the game before a 1.0 release.
  1. Consequences: Stories and happenings that occur depending on choices you've made in the game. They won't heavily impact the game's core loop, but will be rewarding stories or moments.
  2. Achievements: A classic component of all Abbey Games!
  3. Content: Greed will be in the game, as well as more islands and ending to the game. The ending will depend on your Follower count!
These are features we would love to implement, but given our time and budget, might not make it in the 1.0 release or even after that. The better the game does, the more...
Godhood Roadmap!.

Godhood Beta Preview Stream!

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The "Newfound Shores" update is coming closer!

We're excited to show you young gods all the improvements we made on the game. To celebrate that, we're streaming a Beta build of Godhood on February 12th at 19:00 CET (That is 10:00 Pacific Time)! We'll cover a lot of ground, and have some fun shaping our disciples while we're at it! Some feature's we'll show are:
  • The New World and unique new challenges they present!
  • The Generosity Commandment!
  • Major improvements to the ways you can shape your Disciples!
  • Much, much more!

We will stream on Twitch, Youtube and on Steam.
We hope to see you there!

- Greetings from the Abbey

Newfound Shores - sneak peek part 3

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More news on the "Newfound Shores" update!

We've been extensively looking on how to fundamentally improve the game. The answer from the community seems to be clear: More content, more depth, more ways to build on your religion! In "Newfound Shores", our focus is on depth and content, while laying a foundation for more religious interaction.


Abbey Games is scoping down

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Hey young gods,

We have some sad news, unfortunately. Abbey Games is forced to scope down significantly to survive as a company and to guarantee that Godhood will be finished.


For you, fans and players of our games, not too much will change.

Godhood will still launch out of Early Access in the first half of 2020, with a small delay on the current roadmap. We are still hard at work to make this launch the best we can make it, with our final goal being to expand the game's World Map and replayability.

All Kickstarter Rewards will also be finished by Godhood's launch. If you have any questions regarding these, definitely let us know.


For us, the hardworking monks of the Abbey, a lot is going to change.

This marks the end of an era of 8 years of Abbey Games. We will continue to put...

Out now! "Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update!

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Godhood's first Milestone Update is here!
Introducing greatly expanded religion crafting with the new 'Religious Development' system, a greater challenge with the 'Crystal Skulls' resource, a completely overhauled economy and character recruitment, new Sacrament rules to make it more strategic, and tons of new content, from buildings to story events and an overhauled World Map!

Play the 'Create Your Own Religion' Milestone Update right now!



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