Godhood Launches in Early Access Today!

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Wow, young gods! Woow! After almost three years of development, Godhood is ready to launch into Early Access... TODAY! If you want to be among the first to get your hands on the early access version of the game, be sure to refresh these stores at the listed times!
  • Godhood will launch on Steam & GOG
  • The game releases at 1PM CEST / 4AM PDT

To celebrate the release, we'll be streaming on Twitch, Steam, and Youtube twice today!
  • 1PM CEST / 4AM PDT: Launch Celebration! Playing Godhood & Taking Questions
  • 7PM CEST / 11AM PDT: Playing & Explaining Godhood
Hope to catch you on one of...

One more week until Godhood releases in Early Access!

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Hi there young gods,

We've been a bit quiet recently, but for good reason: we were super busy making Godhood ready for its Early Access release. And we're almost there! Only one more week until the game launches into Early Access on Steam and on In Development on GOG.

Right now we're putting everything into place to launch as smoothly as possible: we're playing through the game a last couple of times, we're squashing the remaining pesky bugs on our list, preparing the store pages, contacting press... and we also try to take some time to rest, so we're as ready as can be when the game releases next week...

Full Moon Update #3: Strawberry Moon

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Ah, the strawberry moon. The Anglo-Saxons of old had the good sense to name it the 'mead moon' instead, which has my personal preference.
But I'm sure you'd prefer a FULL MOON UPDATE to my trivia!

The last and final beta is upon us, young gods!
If you signed up to be an alpha/beta tester or backed at a level of Chieftain or above, you will have already received an e-mail granting you access to the new beta build.
We really love seeing your feedback, so if you have access...

Full Moon beta & last chance for Late Backing: June 12th

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Hi young gods!
A quick correction from your favorite gamedeveloping monks:
The Strawberry Moon beta update will be June 12th.
We've previously said June 19th, but please throw out your calendar and buy a new one: It's June 12th instead. As always you can expect:

In addition, one other quick announcement:

Godhood: available in Steam Early Access on July 10th!

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That's right, young gods, we finally have a release date!
Two moons from now Godhood will be available for everyone to play!

On July 10th we will launch our strategy god game into Early Access on Steam and on GOG. For everyone in this community and beyond, this means the first opportunity to experience our new god simulator first-hand. We're incredibly excited to move to this next stage of development with you. From July 10th onward, we'll be using your feedback to improve Godhood in our continuing monthly updates. Exciting times for sure!

To prepare for release with us, make sure you wishlist the game on Steam. This will send you a notification once the game...