Abbey Games is scoping down

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Hey young gods,

We have some sad news, unfortunately. Abbey Games is forced to scope down significantly to survive as a company and to guarantee that Godhood will be finished.


For you, fans and players of our games, not too much will change.

Godhood will still launch out of Early Access in the first half of 2020, with a small delay on the current roadmap. We are still hard at work to make this launch the best we can make it, with our final goal being to expand the game's World Map and replayability.

All Kickstarter Rewards will also be finished by Godhood's launch. If you have any questions regarding these, definitely let us know.


For us, the hardworking monks of the Abbey, a lot is going to change.

This marks the end of an era of 8 years of Abbey Games. We will continue to put...

Out now! "Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update!

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Godhood's first Milestone Update is here!
Introducing greatly expanded religion crafting with the new 'Religious Development' system, a greater challenge with the 'Crystal Skulls' resource, a completely overhauled economy and character recruitment, new Sacrament rules to make it more strategic, and tons of new content, from buildings to story events and an overhauled World Map!

Play the 'Create Your Own Religion' Milestone Update right now!



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First Info! The "Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update

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"Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update launches October 24!
Learn more about this milestone update in our introduction stream on October 23!
Come join us as we create a religion in a big gameplay stream on October 24!​

  • New System: Religious Development
    Inspire your 👥 Worshippers to develop your religion by guiding them through 🌟 Religious Developments in different 💫 'Religion Trees'!
    Each 🌀 Commandment comes with it's own unique 💫 Religion Tree, which include branching choices as to how your religion develops.

    For example, will your 💀War Religion follow the path of 🛡Valor or ⚔ Savagery?
    And if they do become 🛡Valorous, will they fight for your Greater Good or Personal Glory?

Out now! The "Old One Rising" Update

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Old One Rising update unlocked and playable!

Update the game through Steam or GOG Galaxy to find the newest build (14.1)
Join us in the launch stream! That's September 4, 7PM CEST / 11AM PDT on Twitch, Steam or YouTube.

Finally, the ancient gods have graced us with their maddening presence. The Old One has Risen! This Update #2 introduces the new Madness commandment including all the content described below. Our main goal here is to add more content to the game so you can create different kinds of religions, and experiment with a broader strategical toolset, especially in the Dark elemental corner. This is a free content update as part of Godhood's regular Early Access updates. We hardly changed any gameplay systems this update, so if you're waiting for that, please sit tight for our next update.

Update the game now on GOG or Steam to...

Update #1: Will of the People

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It's the first update for Godhood: "Will Of The People"!
Our goal for this update was to add more strategy & choices and increase the challenge of Godhood.
In order to meet this goal, we're introducing a number of brand new features!

  1. Worshipper Enthusiasm: Keep your flock happy!
    Your worshippers now have Enthusiasm about your religion, which will gradually fade. The only way to pump it up to being Satisfied again is by showing off your might in the Sacrament! Wait too long, and your worshippers will turn Impatient or even Skeptical, which will trigger new events which are generally quite bad for your religion!


    However, you can gain an advantage from Enthusiasm, as well! Go on a...​