Full Moon Update #3: Flower Moon

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For the Hindus of times past, the Flower Moon marks a time of increasing fertility and temperatures warm enough to safely bear your young. It's no surprise that the enterprising Abbey monks put a lot of focus on the Lust Commandment for this FULL MOON UPDATE!


New beta build & housekeeping

As it did for the ancient Hindus, a Full Moon also brings a new Beta Build!
If you signed up to be an alpha/beta tester or backed at a level of Chieftain or above, you will have already received an e-mail!
We really love seeing your feedback, so if you have...

Weekly Update #8: Godly Powers and Godly Parties

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Oh young gods! We genuflect before your altars bearing the greatest gift of all: a rad party. That's right, Godhood just got groovy.

But before you put on your best dancing shoes, a quick reminder:

The Flower Moon Update is Next Week Wednesday (May 15)!
  • A big update on all the new stuff in Godhood!
  • A gameplay stream on Twitch (there's much too much for us to actually play in one go now!)
  • If you have access to our betas, the Flower Moon Beta Build for you to play at your pleasure!

Development Update: Righteous Party, you Divine Dude
We are...

Weekly Update #7: New promo image & Relic mechanic

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Hello young gods!

Rick here with your weekly dose of Godhood goodness! Hey, put on this scuba gear. Don't forget the goggles. Let me slip on those flippers for you.
Alright. It's time to take a dive.


What we're doing right now
We're gearing up for the next full moon update: The Flower Moon Update,which is releasing May 15th! We've been making some big decisions about progression through the world map that we'll be working on in the next 2 weeks, along with a first implementation of god actions, a new system for creating religious relics and a bunch more.


Development Update: Age of Relics
Let's look at some of the new stuff we've created in the last couple weeks!
First: we did some housecleaning on our Steam...

Weekly Update #6: We are delaying Early Access until July. Here's why.

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Hi again young gods!

Let me cushion the blow from this update's headline a little with something cool: we released a podcast called Inside Godhood, in which we detail the game's Early Access. I sit down with designer and product owner Adriaan to talk about what to expect from the Early Access and where Godhood will go from there.

We hope you take a listen HERE!


So. About that headline.

I have some important news for you today that we understand will rightfully be disappointing. We hope that after reading this update you'll understand where we're coming from.

Godhood's Early Access will be delayed until July 2019.

[ATTACH type="full"...​

Full Moon Update #2: Pink Moon

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For the ancient native Americans, the PINK MOON heralded the blooming of the first spring flowers: the 'pink moss'. For us, it heralds the blossoming of the second GODHOOD FULL MOON UPDATE!

As Godhood has been progressing nicely, we have found this to be the perfect time to go from the Alpha stages of development and testing into Beta!
A true moment of, frankly arbitrary, celebration!

The Pink Moon Beta Build has just been released into the hands of our testers, including...

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