Weekly Update #5

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Hi young gods!

Rick here, back bearing prophecies of another weekly update. Let's jump right in!

Next Week - Wed 17/04: Pink Moon Update
Remember to check in next week Wednesday for:
  • A big update brimming with changes to the newest build as we go from alpha to beta!
  • A livestream of us playing the new beta build on our very own Twitch channel!
  • Access to the Pink Moon update beta build (for backers at tiers granting alpha/beta access)!
  • On Thursday, the first Inside Godhood podcast in which I talk to project lead Adriaan about the Early Access!

Weekly Update #4

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Hey there young gods,

Rick is a bit under the weather today, unfortunately, so for this weekly update I'm afraid you're stuck with a different chef: me, Joni. Apologies for the Dutchisms and the lack of visual flair in advance! But no worries, there's still enough to rejoice about this week.

What we're doing right now
The Worm Moon Alpha phase has concluded and we've gathered a lot of feedback from veteran alpha testers and the kind folks that had a first taste of the game because of their Kickstarter contribution: big thanks to all of you!

We're currently processing all that information and turning it into improvements to the game. Next to that we're working on some planned and unplanned additions we came up...

Weekly Update #3

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Hi again, young gods!

First of all, I'd like to make a correction to last week's Worm Moon update:

The next Full Moon update will be on Wednesday April 17th, and not April 22nd. That way alpha testers will have the weekend to try out the new build. So check back here April 17th for a big update and a stream of the beta build!

What we're doing right now
We just ran a week of the Worm Moon Alpha, and have been incredibly happy with the amount of great feedback we've gotten from our alpha testers...

Full Moon Update #1: WORM MOON

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The WORM MOON marks the thawing of the ground, the coming of the worms and, like clockwork, our first ever Godhood FULL MOON UPDATE.


As of this writing we have JUST put the new alpha build (lovingly called the WORM MOON build) online! If you are an alpha tester, either through the small random selection or having backed at a level of Chieftain or higher, you will be getting an e-mail inviting you to join.


Please read this post: https://community.abbeygames.com/threads/godhood-kickstarter-rewards-delivery-troubleshooting-guide.112/


We have an automated program sending out e-mails with REUS & Renowned Explorers keys constantly. Check your e-mail for the hard-earned gifts of the Social Stretch Gods!


Weekly Update #2. Stretch Goal Classes unlocked!

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Hi again young gods! Big news!

While we didn't quite reach the monetary goal (yet!), we got close enough with the help of late backers that we decided to go ahead and start development on the Beastwalker & Harbinger disciple classes! Think of it as us pushing us that final little bit as thanks for all the support shown so far. :)

Get ready to level your disciples up into ferocious Beastwalkers and terrifying Harbingers!

A Full Moon Approaches...

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