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    Inside Godhood 02: Your Disciples

    Thanks Schism! For now, it's up to you to customize the looks of your disciples. I do really like this idea though! Too bad we have some limitations to make this work quickly, and doing this is a bit expensive. It doesn't sound like something we can just change or add for launch as a full...
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    Inside Godhood 06: The Big Idea

    In Inside Godhood, we’ll take a deep dive in our upcoming god game: Godhood. One of the Abbey Games monks will walk you through some of the great things you’re going to be doing in Godhood. Before that, we'd like you to know that Godhood is going to Kickstarter January 30th! You can check out...
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    Inside Godhood 01: Creating Your Religion

    you mean by making it a virtue? ;)
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    Reports of holy grail not being rewarded

    I will get to it tomorrow!
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    Which God Forum Game

    (RickSo) name: Hippodromus origin: The lush river of announcements domain: God of news, messengers and dawn