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    Newfound Shores; Sneak peek part 3

    Take the time you need to establish yourself on your newfound shores. Rather have the update late and good than fast and shoddy. Looking forward to explore the newfound shores!
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    Abbey Games is scoping down

    This was really painful to read. Especially with all the people in mind that now have to find new jobs. Hopefully having worked on such great products as Reus, Renowned Explorers and Godhood will help in finding a new place to work. I’ve been an Abbey Games fan since the early days of Reus...
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    Impressions after my first game

    I'm not giving up for sure! Still it is very clear that being a love goddess is not in the cards for me. 😜 Another run will happen. I just have to find the time for it. I know it was the tutorial island, which is why I was a bit puzzled that I didn't manage to complete it. :whistle: Still...
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    Impressions after my first game

    Previous knowledge. I only watched some very old footage way back (around kickstarter times) and recently 45 mins of the livestream on the milestone. So a really new player for this game. Have played strategy games for 30+ years though. Result: I failed to overcome the elders on the first...