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    Feedback: The Old One Rising

    So, I just tested out the new major update and that one pretty good and interesting I have to say! ^^ I didn't play it until the end but long enough to show my impressions for the new Madness commandment: -New commandment means new classes which is always a good thing to experiment. And always...
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    While playing in french, well, some content like "Talent" and perks aren't showing properly when I point my mouse on Totem description like I'm showing in the screenshot I just sent.
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    Feedback: TheWill of the people

    Sounds good to me. Looking forward for more contents. ^^
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    Translation mistakes!

    Like in this pic, some texts aren't showing properly in french. I hope it will be fixed in a future update. ^^
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    Feedback: TheWill of the people

    So, I just test out the new major update and that is certainly interesting. ^^ ----- What I enjoyed about it... Using the followers' current mood is definitely. Like we have strike at the right moment. Between 2 battles, we have time to get prepared, to gather stuffs, and that is a good thing...
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    Commandment Ideas!

    I'll definitely be curious to see more commandment ideas. I can even imagine this: FREEDOM VS SLAVERY In Freedom: People must fight for their freedom and for everyone else in order to create a better world. Freedom will bring happiness to people, and that would give a better morale in order to...
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    No problem for the feedback. I played Reus a while ago and I really enjoyed it, especially since I love giants! :D As for Godhood, like I said, I definitely want to see more. For disciples, it is pretty interesting to see how they evolve. Especially when they start to get old. Stats decreasing...
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    Howdy~ I recently bought it and played it yesterday. And that game is really intriguing me. I was able to conquer everything in my first game and beat it. Now, I know it's currently in early access, so, we can't expect getting many things at the moment. But I'm definitely eager to see more. ^^...