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    Here's what YOU can do to help make the Godhood Kickstarter a success!

    An update on those Social Stretch Gods mentioned in my previous response is in order, since you folks have been at it (thanks!)!. These are the current goals to aim for: 250 retweets on this Tweet 200 subs on this Subreddit 10.000 views on this YouTube video Go into the worldwide web and...
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    Here's what YOU can do to help make the Godhood Kickstarter a success!

    Helping out beyond the Kickstarter, as Manuel puts it, is now also helping the rewards for Kickstarter backers become more valuable. By retweeting our Kickstarter Tweet, liking the Kickstarter video on YouTube and by joining the Abbey Games subreddit you can now pray to the Social Stretch Gods...
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    Some more info on that Kickstarter Campaign

    Hi ronane, yes, we aim to make the game available DRM-free through GOG as well.
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    Some more info on that Kickstarter Campaign

    The Kickstarter campaign for Godhood is now live! If you want to help us out, please read this post. ------- It's been a while since we've announced that we're going to take Godhood along the Kickstarter route. Back then I couldn't disclose many details, simply because we didn't know enough...
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    New Gameplay Teaser Trailer for Godhood!

    It's been four months since we last shared some moving images from Godhood; time for some new ones!
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    Renowned Explorers: Three Year Anniversary!

    Three years ago, Renowned Explorers: International Society was first released! It's been an amazing few years with multiple pieces of DLC, tons of patches, and an amazing community that still organizes a weekly Community Challenge. And we're not done yet! Even though we're still working hard on...
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    Reus' Original Soundtrack now available!

    To celebrate the 5th birthday Reus, we finally got round to make the soundtrack available... properly! The game's composer Joni (that's me, actually) took some time off to remaster a grand total of 25 tracks, 13 of which were previously unreleased, and bundled them together on an album that's...
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    Heads-up: Godhood is going Kickstarter!

    As you may have noticed, the communication channels about Godhood are starting to open up. We've shown some gameplay in a brand new trailer, a few people outside the Abbey have started testing the alpha version of the game and we're planning on showing and telling a lot more about the game on...
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    Community Goals, Rules and Guidelines

    Abbey Games builds management games in a devout, yet playful manner. We hope you enjoy our games in a similar way and we aim to create and maintain a community that extends that enjoyment. Next to that, we want both our games and this community to be welcoming to players that aren't familiar...
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    The Old Forum

    Abbey Games had another forum, right up until November 2018. If you're interested, you can still read up on it here: And if you were an actual user of that forum and would like to get an acknowledgement for sticking around since the early days, leave your legacy...