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    Godhood late backing.

    Hi Alplod. I saw your e-mail as well. Seems like we made a mistake - but I've fixed it and sent you a new e-mail. So you should be good now :)
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    Godhood late backing.

    Hi Alplod, could you send an e-mail to with the e-mail address you use with paypal (or at least a mention of that address)? That way I can see what went wrong.
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    Weekly Update #4

    Hey there young gods, Rick is a bit under the weather today, unfortunately, so for this weekly update I'm afraid you're stuck with a different chef: me, Joni. Apologies for the Dutchisms and the lack of visual flair in advance! But no worries, there's still enough to rejoice about this week...
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    Godhood rewards already redeemed

    Hi Sajach, I just replied to your e-mail. Your issue is hopefully fixed now! Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Godhood Kickstarter Rewards Delivery - Troubleshooting Guide

    Hi there Young Gods! Over the past weekend, we sent out hundreds, even more than a thousand forms to all Kickstarter backers and of Godhood to get some necessary info to make the distribution of Kickstarter rewards as easy and quick as possible. We've gotten back a lot of forms already and will...
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    godhood late backing question

    Hey there, If you late backed, than you should have received an e-mail on the account that is tied to your paypal. Does that help? Cheers from the Abbey, -Joni
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    Hey Moro, No problem on the info. And concerning the profiles in Godhood, we'll definitely consider it. Thanks for getting in through late backing, we'll get to you with the processing of your pledge, soon! :) Cheers from the Abbey, -Joni
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    Hey Moro, Your first issue has a really quick fix: pressing ctr+shift+F3 while in-game removes all your progress so you can start over again without having to re-do the tutorials. And while we think adding profiles to the game is a great suggestion, we do indeed stand by our decision to stop...
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    Weekly Update #1

    Hi young gods! It's been a little bit! Kickstarter-fever is starting to wind down here at the Abbey, as we patiently wait (read: eagerly develop Godhood) while Kickstarter processes the funding you graciously chose to support us with. In the meantime let's use this first weekly update to take a...
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    The Godhood Kickstarter has succeeded! Now what?

    Hey young gods! Thank you all so much for your support during this Kickstarter. Because of your help backing and spreading the word, this Kickstarter's gone far beyond anything we could've hoped for! Thanks to all your support, the Kickstarter campaign for Godhood has succeeded! Let's go over...
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    Italian Localization

    Hey Marcello, I believe you have already been in touch directly with us, but if not, feel free to send an email to info [at] abbeygames [dot] com. Cheers from the Abbey, -Joni
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    Here's what YOU can do to help make the Godhood Kickstarter a success!

    An update on those Social Stretch Gods mentioned in my previous response is in order, since you folks have been at it (thanks!)!. These are the current goals to aim for: 250 retweets on this Tweet 200 subs on this Subreddit 10.000 views on this YouTube video Go into the worldwide web and...
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    Here's what YOU can do to help make the Godhood Kickstarter a success!

    Helping out beyond the Kickstarter, as Manuel puts it, is now also helping the rewards for Kickstarter backers become more valuable. By retweeting our Kickstarter Tweet, liking the Kickstarter video on YouTube and by joining the Abbey Games subreddit you can now pray to the Social Stretch Gods...
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    Some more info on that Kickstarter Campaign

    Hi ronane, yes, we aim to make the game available DRM-free through GOG as well.