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    [CUSTOMIZATION] Color picking overlaps

    Hello monks, So, I found this bug on the customization menu, when creating a God. What happened: When I was choosing one of the 4 main colors, if I click on another main color picker, I have 2 color selectors that overlap What should happen: When I click the other main color picker, the 1st one...
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    [ACTIONS] Annoying behaviour when cancelling an action

    Hello monks! I found one thing that may not be a bug, but at least I think it should be improved. Location: Disciple's List What happened: When I cancel a Disciple's action, he is not available immediately, so I have to waste 1 action until I can use him again. What should happen: When I...
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    [SACRAMENT] God Name not shown

    Dammit :( Ok, after I finish working today, I'll try to go back to one autosave and try to play that Sacrament again, to see if I can reproduce the error. Keep up the good work 😊
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    [DISCIPLES] Disciple name conflicts

    No xD I chose the wrong one. But you're missing one point: There were only 3 options. One of them had 'Teii' written. However, I had 2 disciples named 'Teii', so I didn't know to which of them I was giving the buff. Well, one out of 2: - Disallow duplicate disciple names OR - Include the...
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    [SACRAMENT] God Name not shown

    Hello monks! Today I found a bug that I cannot reproduce, unfortunately. Location: Sacrament Dialogues What happened: One of the enemy disciples (Lust Religion) shouted something like "bla bla bla <godC>", which shows the string formatting. What should happen: The enemy disciple should say "bla...
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    [INTERFACE] Mission Circles disappeared

    Hello monks! Found a weird but today. Location: Mission Selection screen How to reproduce: 1. Go to Mission Selection Screen 2. Click on the "Initiation" button What happens: All the circles to choose a mission disappear (even though you can still select a mission as if they were there!) What...
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    [DISCIPLES] Disciple name conflicts

    Hello monks! Today I realised 2 of my disciples were named the same. This didn't seem like a problem UNTIL I had to choose which of them to give a buff. (This happened with the Cannibalize the Dead buff) The choice dialog only shows the names of the disciples, and since they are named the same...
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    [INTERFACE] Incorrect cost of Ritual Offerings

    Hello monks! Reporting an interface bug here. Location: Left panel, with the list of Disciples. How to reproduce: 1. Click the "hand" button in one of the Disciples 2. Click on one of the categories that involve using Ritual Offerings, for example, "Shape" 3. Click on the "hand" button of...
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    [Bug, Visual Bug] God HP decrease is incorrect

    Minor Bug: When I hover in the God HP bar, it says that I lose 5HP for losing a Mission (Sacrament). However, the real value that is lost is 10 HP. So, I'd say that you probably forgot to change the hover text 😅
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    Out now! The "Old One Rising" Update

    What does the status Unchained Madness do? Or is it a surprise? 😮
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    Sound and performance issues 0.13.15

    I still find some problems in the performance and sound. Regularly, the sound stutters, and the frame rate drops (and I usually can't click anywhere). My computer is low end though.
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    End Game Bugs

    I finished the game for the first time, and I encountered some bugs related to it: - After finishing one playthrough, the Relics in the main menu's Collection tab are not updated. They appear as if not been discovered yet. - I'm still able to click "Continue" in the main menu. If I do so, the...
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    Suggestions: Buildings

    Another suggestion: There is no distinct visual element between Resource, Rituals, Miracles and Sacrament buildings (I don't know if there are more types, because I'm still in the beginning). Sometimes, I feel that I'm clicking through all buildings to find the one I want to upgrade/check, and...