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    Update #7 / Version 1.0: Godhood is now released!

    Congrats Guys!! Well done on another wicked game. Looking forward to playing it again when I can.
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    Sacrament 'Sticks' when Acting Disciple is Broken

    Dont have it from the same point anymore unfortunetly, I tried to repeat it myself but didnt copy the save beforehand so the game is (from memory) just after the battle. I did get a screen shot of it in the info view before I closed it though, not sure if that will help narrow down where the...
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    Sacrament 'Sticks' when Acting Disciple is Broken

    As the title say. I had a disciple try use Unchained when low on health which triggered 2 attacks both of which targeted and left him broken. Waited a while for the game to continue and while the animations were still working and inspection mode worked, the game seemed stuck waiting for him to...
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    How to report technical issues

    K, so Had a bunch of Crashes so far in .8.5 Submited the crash reports for them all but just wanted to let others know too. First the little Mangifier in the top right with the diety name in the Mission selection screen doesnt give more info on anything yet, unless you wante to check out the...
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    Weekly Update #2. Stretch Goal Classes unlocked!

    Out of curiosity, what made tyou choose to open the alpha builds for a set time per version instead of rolling updates each month? (if that makes sense kinda tired atm)
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    Weekly Update #2. Stretch Goal Classes unlocked!

    Days are ticking down. Looking forward to it all guys. Looking really sweet. great news on the stretch goal too :)
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    Weekly Update #1

    Looking sweet guys, keep up the good work. looking forward to some time off around the end of the month, (hopefully I get some :/)
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    Twitch stream times

    Sweet Stream guys, Only caught the Wed Stream and was defenitly half asleep for it cause all I remember was you getting owned by the Elders until the convient 'forgetting' to remove the invinciblity 'bug'. :'D Super keen to watch more (actually watching the Thurs one now) and keen to play it...
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    Twitch stream times

    Sweet. Cheers Rutger, I'll have to try and get up early for one of them. Hopefully I can make the Fri stream too, have to see how work goes.
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    Twitch stream times

    Hey Abbey, Just wanted to check what time you're planning ot stream this week? Keen to try and catch one if the timing can workout over this side of the world. Loving the look of the game, super keen to watch more and finally play it some point. Cheers Nighteyes
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    first post

    Hadn't even realised Welsh Dragon, Loving it :D
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    Merry Something Everyone

    Merry Christmas/Holidays/St Nics/Hanukkah/Family Day/Whatever tickles your fancy day, everyone :D Hope you all have some fun with whatever you are up to today!
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    Inside Godhood 02: Your Disciples

    Looking/Sounding sweet guys, looking forward to seeing more details as they come out!
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    The Old Forum

    Nighteyes back again, prob still mostly lurking till Godhood comes out :P
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    New Gameplay Teaser Trailer for Godhood!

    Looks Sweet guys, looking forward to the new one! going to have to go back and crack into Reus again soon to try and get a god game fix till this comes out :P