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    Newbie FAQ

    Haha!! Double the answers for our good Tygoth!
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    Sharing my first impressions

    Want to get in here and thank you for the extensive feedback and first impressions! I'm going to go to bed now, but will be reading this tomorrow :) From skimming, I can tell I already agree with a lot you say and think the stuff we're working on right now will most likely address a couple of...
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    Newbie FAQ

    Hiya Tygoth! Let me crack out the snorkel and dive right in: Hope that answers your questions Tygoth! I hope it also clears up stuff for others that were wondering these same things :)
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    [Suggestion] Grant enemy deities attacking powers

    Cool suggestions Tygoth; I like hearing these a lot! Really simulating the world is very difficult in the framework we've built up so far. That being said, I absolutely would love for there to be more interaction with enemy gods; from getting attacked directly (resulting in a Sacrament you...
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    % and points disagree .. still a win.

    Yep; we decided that every draw counts as a win for you :) I'd feel pretty bad otherwise!
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    How to increase hitpoints for sacraments?

    High enemy religion HP is a direct result from the damage scaling & focus on pre-first turn damage abilities. We're looking to rebalance encounters in such a way that you are rewarded for your strategy in a longer-term battle instead of having to deal 3 times your Religion HP' worth of damage to...
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    Suggestion: Limited Classes Options

    Wow! We actually have been talking about potentially unlocking new classes as you progress based on your Commandments! No promises right now however, as we've got bigger fish to fry first, but know that we're definitely thinking along those same lines :) Thanks for the suggestion Bjarked!
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    Wait? Whaaat? (Initial Disciple "bug")

    I honestly didn't even realize there still were commandment based character traits! These should probably be removed (for now)! Thanks for letting us know :)
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    Unaccessible game depth

    Hi Tygoth! I totally get this feeling. There's no actual tutorial in the game yet, as we want to really finish it up before we create one (it's very difficult to keep updating the tutorial as the game's mechanics change, after all). However, I think there's a lot to be gained by just doing...
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    My random feedbacks/bugs/opinions

    Awesome feedback (and some bug reporting) Joost! This is all super helpful stuff and we really appreciate all the people that get to us with lists like these. I'll just do some quickfire replies per point, okay? On gaining converts: Agreed! This has already been added in an unpublished build...
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    Feedback after the 4 first hours.

    Thanks for the detailed feedback okazari; this is exactly the stuff I'm looking for! You make some really good points regarding clarity of knowing what you're getting into before making a choice. I'll make sure we'll get around to making some of this stuff more clear. It also makes the...
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    Religion bar shows negative values as positive?

    Good catch Tailbit! That's a bug alright. I'll make sure we look into it after the weekend, as that could be quite confusing indeed.
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    Hi Effra! Awesome to hear that you're enjoying the autobattler combat puzzle! It'll only get better from here when we keep balancing and refining it. We want training new disciples to feel like a project that takes a bit. So while we'll never make it too easy or convenient, I think there's...
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    Different playstyle, double effectiveness.

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for theorycrafting and beating me at my own game haha! Sadly this is a bug rather than a feature, so we'll be patching it out sooner rather than later! Thanks for letting me know about it! I hope you continue to find, and post about, cool strategies and optimizations! :)
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    228er crit at god level 7

    Definitely will look into that! The damage scaling is pretty... intense right now. Thanks for the heads up! I'll be using everyone's feedback in the next balance patch!