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    Beta #6

    I know I'm late to the party since the update has been pushed to Live but I have to say I disagree with the lack of description for tenets. I just started a new game as War, my first two tenets are "Blood Sport" and "Holy Training" with zero description. How am I supposed to decide when it's...
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    Update #6 Sneak-peek: Temples and Rituals

    Hm is the Open Beta the one marked as "unstable-development - Experimental alpha" or is it not available yet? I'm open to trying out an open beta (as I did for Newfound Shores), but not an alpha build personally. The sneak peek makes it sound like the former, but that name doesn't exactly...
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    Sneak-Peek Update #5: Martyrs and Fervor

    Wow didn't expect a new major update so quickly after the last one. I have a question though: will there be another small bugfix patch before that update?? I really like the idea of Martyrs - and with the change to HP regen it means that there's no "cost" if you win, right? (You don't have to...
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    Bug with the Temple miracles (+ other minor bugs)

    I was very happy to see the "wondrous miracle" bug fixed in the Live version of Newfound Shores, but unfortunately it seems there's a similar bug with the Temple of Passion (and maybe others, this is my first game on the live patch). I bought both of the 500-minerals upgrades just to be sure...
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    Feedback for Newfound Shores Beta

    Glad you found this interesting :) About balance: I checked the stream VOD but it appears the War part started in the mid-game, and I think my issue is more with the early game. At that point of the game, the ratio of enemy health to the number of followers needed to win a sacrament is very...
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    Newfound Shores Beta Feedback.

    Funeral Rites are a neutral tenet (if you go the burial route, not the cannibalism one obviously), and Animism is certainly the brightest one - although it has pretty narrow uses from a gameplay perspective so it may or may not fit your religion. But I certainly wouldn't mind another tenet or...
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    Feedback for Newfound Shores Beta

    First things first, I really like the new version overall. It feels a lot more complete (despite being cut-off after 4 islands, which I imagine is around half of the planned number) and there are a lot more decisions to make compared to previously. I really like the islands system, both from a...
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    Newfound Shores Beta out today!

    Can confirm both issues are fixed for me, I can resume my games.
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    Newfound Shores Beta Feedback

    Agreed about the UI, I was also pretty confused at first and there are still elements on which I'm unclear after two "full" (i.e. locked by a bug after a few islands) playthroughs. First of all being the followers, whose use beyond unlocking buildings is still escaping me - which means I...
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    Newfound Shores Beta out today!

    Well it happened to both of mine now, and it is in fact completely blocking the second one. I can't assign jobs (and thus pass time) because I need to "Choose a development first", but the Funeral Rites tree is pretty small with lots of mutually exclusive choices, so I actually can't choose...
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    Newfound Shores Beta out today!

    Hi guys, I'm enjoying the beta so far. Before I go make some more detailed feedback, I do have a couple of questions/remarks on the technical side of things that I feel don't warrant a new thread: Once I beat the Elders and chose my Religion tenet, I lost access to my "main" development path...
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    Unordered thoughts on the current state of Godhood.

    On the latest version I actually feel like Chastity is very good. You have the guaranteed heal which does not take up an action slot (unlike the Ambassador's Unity for instance) and is guaranteed to proc on the second turn after you've taken some damage, and even if the fights can take a while...
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    Steam Optimization Guide

    Yeah but if the future "updates" are going to break everything, I'm fine not having them for as long as possible. And am already planning to use GOG a lot more than I did before if Steam wants to become unreliable - kinda regret not buying Godhood there actually as I didn't realize it was...
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    Steam Optimization Guide

    Good points and thanks for the guide, but here's an alternative solution that I prefer personally: follow this tutorial and revert entirely to the previous UI. It's simpler and fixes all the issues of Steam's new UI.
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    Milestone #1.1: Create Your Own Religion [Wednesday 30th of October 2019, 13:00] (Build 0.15.8)

    So... it's intended that you can stay at 0 then, but just can't/shouldn't be able to do repeatables? I'm fine with it to be clear (and in fact, I wonder how many of the people reporting pacing issues think like I did at first, because it certainly feels less "Damocles Sword" if you can actually...