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  1. AbbeyAdriaan

    Newfound Shores Beta Feedback.

    Thanks a lot for all this feedback! There's a lot of things that go straight on a list, so I'll touch the more complicated issues! 1. Sacrifice Tenet is going to work differently. The Master of Sacrifice will be a real power player! 2. Defenses being underwhelming is very interesting, and...
  2. AbbeyAdriaan

    Feedback for Newfound Shores Beta

    Wendek! Thank you so much for this extensive feedback! :D 1. The Physical/morale balance is very interesting to me, since my most successful run (the one I also did on stream) was War! I could often one-shot opponents with my Executioner or Rage Prophet! I even had a Guardian that could 2 shot...
  3. AbbeyAdriaan

    Newfound Shores Beta Feedback

    Thanks for the feedback! I will discuss how we can improve this today. :)
  4. AbbeyAdriaan

    Newfound Shores Beta out today!

    The Beta is live!
  5. AbbeyAdriaan

    Newfound Shores Beta out today!

    Hey young gods! For those who want to get your hands on an early version of the Newfound Shores update: The beta is here from 14-02 on! All you have to do is right click on your game, in the steam library, go to properties, and select the beta. If you do, please consider helping us! You can...
  6. AbbeyAdriaan

    Godhood Beta Preview Stream!

    The "Newfound Shores" update is coming closer! We're excited to show you young gods all the improvements we made on the game. To celebrate that, we're streaming a Beta build of Godhood on February 12th at 19:00 CET (That is 10:00 Pacific Time)! We'll cover a lot of ground, and have some fun...
  7. AbbeyAdriaan

    Abbey Games is scoping down

    Who knows! We're not out of the ring, we're still very busy making games right now. ;)
  8. AbbeyAdriaan

    Abbey Games is scoping down

    Thanks Agegememnon! Your words are really motivating for us! We might got down, but we're not giving up yet! Godhood deserves a good boost in quality, and there are a lot of improvements on the horizon. :) Hopefully that hard work will pay-off in opportunity!
  9. AbbeyAdriaan

    Newfound Shores; Sneak peek part 3

    More news on the "Newfound Shores" update! We've been extensively looking on how to fundamentally improve the game. The answer from the community seems to be clear: More content, more depth, more ways to build on your religion! In "Newfound Shores", our focus is on depth and content, while...
  10. AbbeyAdriaan

    Reus Save on Xbox one? old question - new user

    Hey there! Sorry for the late response, we're a bit short on hands here! Reus should be saved just like anything. The game is setup in session though. Every 30/60/120 minutes (depending on how far you are in the game), you'll have to make a new world. There is also an endless mode where you can...
  11. AbbeyAdriaan

    Abbey Games is scoping down

    Woah Lunar, thank you so much! You can always help by leaving a positive review on our games. :) Your recommendation is always valuable! We're not throwing in the towel just yet. We believe in what Abbey Games has to offer, and we still think there is a lot of interesting stuff going on for...
  12. AbbeyAdriaan

    Merry Something Everyone

    Merry Christmas!
  13. AbbeyAdriaan

    Abbey Games is scoping down

    Thanks for the support! Every player helps, of course. :) We're still going on developing Godhood! We scoped down to the minimal possible, there's just 3 of us left. But we're burned on making the best possible Godhood we can create, and we will at least bring out two Milestone updates and try...
  14. AbbeyAdriaan

    Out now! "Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update!

    It's there automatically!
  15. AbbeyAdriaan

    Unordered thoughts on the current state of Godhood.

    First, thanks a lot for the feedback and love! We're still working on a new update, which I think will push the game into good territories! I think, in retrospect, this is THE problem that I had with designing Godhood. Making a religion is just... too big. There are so many tits and tats that...
  16. AbbeyAdriaan

    Abbey Games is scoping down

    Thank you so much! We're very proud of the work we created. :) REIS will always have a special place in our hearts! Hopefully we can bring more magic to the world!
  17. AbbeyAdriaan

    Milestone #1: Preview Beta 2 (0.14.10)

    The other classes are unlocked at the second island, second node, right now. From that point on you'll have at least 2 choices per element. Maybe it's a bit late? I would, in someway, like to increase your talent pool actions. I like having an action that answers "looking for a Weaver!" but I...
  18. AbbeyAdriaan

    Milestone #1: Preview Beta 2 (0.14.10)

    The blocking now occurs pretty intelligently (only if you take less damage, only if you won't die) but I think I can improve a bit more. Do you have a specific thing you would like to see less?
  19. AbbeyAdriaan

    Milestone #1: Preview Beta 2 (0.14.10)

    Another beta version is out! Yes, it's like we do this for a living. Crazy. Focus of this beta is character rotation. Most importantly, we experimented with many rituals costing more time again. We removed it previously because it was very hard to know whether you would make it or not. Now we...
  20. AbbeyAdriaan

    Milestone #1: Preview Beta 2 (0.14.10)

    It does, or it should. Maybe your disciple was low faith? All in all, you two had a similar experience like mine. That makes it easier to move forward. :) Speaking off..