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  1. Maarten

    Update #5: Righteous Rituals has arrived!

    Hey young gods! Hopefully you're all safe and healthy. Today, we're happy to bring you another update for Godhood! Due to the great positive response to our last update, we've decided to supercharge our update schedule. Today, as a bit of a surprise maybe, we continue our efforts to make...
  2. Maarten

    [DISCIPLES] Disciple name conflicts

    Ah, yes, that complicates things :p It's not super high on my priority-list, but I'll write it down anyway for when I revisit that part of the code. Cheers!
  3. Maarten

    Bug when filling up the Religion Development screen

    I've had this bug as well, it's quite annoying and I'll put it on my fix-list for this week. Thanks for reporting!
  4. Maarten

    [SACRAMENT] God Name not shown

    I cannot find the problematic string for now... Should you know more (the name of the ability, or the exact words that they said), please let me know :) Thanks!
  5. Maarten

    [INTERFACE] Mission Circles disappeared

    Yes, good one, that initiation button causes trouble often. Will look into this.
  6. Maarten

    [DISCIPLES] Disciple name conflicts

    Ha. Did you end up choosing the right disciple? I'm not sure whether the ordering is preserved in this case. I assume it does. Maybe we should disallow duplicate disciple names?
  7. Maarten

    Bugs still in the game

    Have you had this bug with other elemental types as well? Or only with 'nature vs nature'?
  8. Maarten


  9. Maarten

    Update #4: Newfound Shores is here!

    Gods and Goddesses, our new update is finally here! The "Newfound Shores" Milestone update is ready for you Early Access gods to play with! We're proud and excited to present this big step forward to you! In short; we made huge improvements to the game and how it plays. Previously, we were not...
  10. Maarten

    UI issue: no cancel button

    Hey, We've reworked this flow a bit in the upcoming version, now both right click and escape work for closing actions and UI, and more consistently across all sorts of UI.
  11. Maarten

    Suggestions: Buildings

    Good ideas here, will look into this!
  12. Maarten

    Pink Screen On Launch

    Godhood isn't made in Unity though! :) We're working with our own in-house engine, AbbeyCore. It still could be a manifestation of the same issue, of course.
  13. Maarten

    Forum suggestion

    I agree as well. Sadly, this behavior is intended by the creators of the forum software, and as of yet I haven't found a way to 'fix' this. It's deep in the code base somewhere. It doesn't just apply to sub-forums: the last node is always hidden and followed by a header instead: I'd rather...
  14. Maarten

    Forum suggestion

    It's a good suggestion. The problem is that the 'forums' and the 'threads' use a different visual language, and when they're on the same page like that, it becomes confusing. I've written down your suggestion on our web backlog, but I won't be working on that anytime soon - there's still a lot...
  15. Maarten

    Bug/troubleshooting help needed - cannot see characters, Mac

    We've just fixed an issue regarding attachments, which will probably solve this problem!
  16. Maarten

    [2019-07-23] Fixed an issue with forum attachments

    We increased the forum attachment size earlier this year within the forum software, but users still had trouble uploading screenshots. Today we've tweaked a server setting that should resolve the issue. The maximum attachment size is currently somewhere around 11 MB. If you're experiencing any...
  17. Maarten

    Game will need to know its identity

    I understand your concern, and thanks for the feedback. Godhood is a bit of a genre bender (is that an expression? I thought of it just now), and the coming months will be about solidifying it's vision. We'll change what feels awkward, and improve on what is good. Thanks for your post!
  18. Maarten

    Tooltip missing reference

    Thanks for the kind words :) I'll look into this, thanks!
  19. Maarten

    Suggestions, wishlist after 8 playthroughs

    Misplacement of what? A building?
  20. Maarten

    Suggestions, wishlist after 8 playthroughs

    Thanks for the post! I believe @Cabbey still has a lot of ideas for the gods, and I've tweaked the colors in the upcoming version. I like your suggestions about customization in general, I'll see what I can do there.