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  1. Blackvision

    Suggestion for UI (everywhere)

    Few things worth being able to see on any given screen, be it sacrament, village, world-map, etc: > Patch number. It's very easy to forget which patch a screenshot was in, and while in early access at least, I think it's important enough to be everywhere. Would even put it on the loading screen...
  2. Blackvision

    Rage Prophet Balancing Issues

    I'd noticed previously that Rage Prophets lost their edge in the later game. I realised why with the latest patch - before that, their armour penalty didn't matter until they had a high enough figure that it was still positive after the reduction. Now that they get it from the very start, it...
  3. Blackvision

    Playing to win

    My current strategy for playing for all difficulties, including Impossible (and works fine with all of them): (I use strategy specifically here - the tactical requirements are very different in every game according to commandment, play-style, totems and classes) Of course, you'll have to find...
  4. Blackvision

    Enemies double-up on Triggered abilities

    See fight. Multiple times triggers trigger triggers or are used multiple times from a single trigger.
  5. Blackvision

    Paracites attack!

  6. Blackvision

    No difference between Wondrous Baptism and normal Baptism.

    Exactly what the title says: both give the same stats.
  7. Blackvision

    A little Faith...

    Found something interesting. Shortly after entering the second age (30 years earlier than it should have been - happened in year 33 instead of year 66 for a 200 year campaign!), I noticed: all my older disciples lose faith far faster than my newer ones. Unsure of why - it's not perks or...
  8. Blackvision

    For Rutger: Exhaustion issues

    I know Rutger asked recently: Exhaustion is back on the not-quite-perfect list again :P As you can see, Wall is showing as Exhausted despite there only being one Sacrament on this node, which I haven't done.
  9. Blackvision

    Superior Tanking! (and its problems)

    So this tanking clearly works in Normal mode: ...but not on harder difficulties, and even on Normal, has problems: outlasting them is fine and all, but with the limit on assignments and inspirations in the village, having to heal at all is crippling. Please make healing either free or push...
  10. Blackvision

    Minor Graphical/UI Tweaks

    > When selecting a job, disciples doing the XP building job have their faith bars minimised (and aren't selectable, which they should be - it claims it's a ritual in progress, not one you've just started)
  11. Blackvision

    Minor (but important) Graphical UI tweaks

    Beastwalkers: Their tails hide things. Eg. It's a 6, but could be an 8. Even worse when it gets to double-digits.
  12. Blackvision

    Suggestions: Buildings

    Quick thought for the buildings: when you select to build one, could any that we've already built not be shown on the list, or highlight the remaining ones or something? I know it shows you if you have the materials, but I'd like to be able to see which I've still got left to build when I'm...
  13. Blackvision

    Sacrament Bugs/Issues

    Ok, a few Sacrament issues I've had. (Will add more as I find them) 1) We were told previously that the AI targeted the disciple who was weakest to their attacks. This is clearly incorrect: I've had disciples targeting and hitting my Prophet in the first two sacraments - the prophet has...
  14. Blackvision

    Sacrament combat buff bug

    It's a pretty minor bug, but can be important: if you crash/quit during a sacrament, on reloading it, your commandment buff seems to not show up. Kinda annoying when I crashed after a sacrament and wanted to know what Chastity did again before picking a class :p (This might be the full game...
  15. Blackvision

    Only having 3 Inspirations

    I'm kinda in two minds about this. A) I find the limitation keeps the game moving - you don't have to go through all your disciples when playing and it doesn't get annoying (especially with the jobs carrying over when repeatable) assigning people. However, B) It's really limiting. If it was...
  16. Blackvision

    Issues with the current build's progression/difficulty

    The other big problem currently is the difficulty stumbling block: As soon as you beat the old city, you need to already be tough enough to start taking on the second set of islands - if you can't (eg. you aren't playing either Nature or Divine with enough buffs) you will fail. The difficulty...
  17. Blackvision

    Tavern Miracle has different back-colour

    Any reason the Tavern/Market Miracles have a yellow background unlike all the others? It makes the images inside the box fade into the background somewhat.
  18. Blackvision

    Lust OP/Under-powered

    With the changes to Lust (and the 10% chance on morale attacks actually being 100%!), lust is a tad OP. (I'm under-exaggerating, Rutger, in case you're wondering) :p Downside is, if it's changed to only a 10% chance, it's actually pathetic - even spamming morale AoEs, it's still unlikely to hit...
  19. Blackvision

    That old endless timer issue

    @Rutger You remember that endless timer ticking through the day/night cycle I had before? Well, it doesn't affect much anymore, but it does mean I often go from immediately following a sacrament straight through to Doubting on the follower clock (including getting the doubt debuff). Eg. From...
  20. Blackvision


    Making a quick Screenshot thread as I wanted to share this: Huani did good. So good I gave him a title. He left this legacy. :P