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  1. Wendek

    Bug with the Temple miracles (+ other minor bugs)

    I was very happy to see the "wondrous miracle" bug fixed in the Live version of Newfound Shores, but unfortunately it seems there's a similar bug with the Temple of Passion (and maybe others, this is my first game on the live patch). I bought both of the 500-minerals upgrades just to be sure...
  2. Wendek

    Feedback for Newfound Shores Beta

    First things first, I really like the new version overall. It feels a lot more complete (despite being cut-off after 4 islands, which I imagine is around half of the planned number) and there are a lot more decisions to make compared to previously. I really like the islands system, both from a...
  3. Wendek

    "Infatuated" debuff is applied 100% of the time

    This is true for both the live build and the beta one. It makes Songsmiths (among others, but it's very noticeable for them because all their attacks hit the three targets) completely OP when you have the Lust commandment since every enemy gets the debuff after the first attack. In the beta, I...