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  1. RickSo

    Abbey Games is scoping down

    Thanks; it warms my heart to see that reaction! :) The best way to help Abbey Games is (as it always has been) to share the word with people you think could be into our games, and to leave positive reviews on your platform of choice if you enjoyed playing Godhood. Thank you!
  2. RickSo

    Abbey Games is scoping down

    Hey young gods, We have some sad news, unfortunately. Abbey Games is forced to scope down significantly to survive as a company and to guarantee that Godhood will be finished. For you, fans and players of our games, not too much will change. Godhood will still launch out of Early Access in...
  3. RickSo

    Community Contest - "Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update

    It's been extended to November 26!
  4. RickSo

    Waiting with continuing Godhood Translations until 1.0

    Hi young gods! Due to time constraints, we are waiting with updating translations of Godhood until we hit our 1.0 release. When Godhood hits 1.0, you will be able to switch back to your language of choice! If you have Godhood set to a language other than English, we recommend that you switch...
  5. RickSo

    Early Access Roadmap

    Milestone 1 'Create Your Own Religion' has launched! Introducing a new flagship feature: 'Religion Development', allowing you to develop and define your religion in much greater detail by proceeding down one of many different 'tech trees'. For info about all the other new features, balance...
  6. RickSo

    Out now! "Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update!

    Godhood's first Milestone Update is here! Introducing greatly expanded religion crafting with the new 'Religious Development' system, a greater challenge with the 'Crystal Skulls' resource, a completely overhauled economy and character recruitment, new Sacrament rules to make it more strategic...
  7. RickSo

    Community Contest - "Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update

    Hello young gods! It is time to face off against one another in the first Godhood Community Contest! You can compete in 2 different contests: the Supremacy Contest and the Grandiosity Contest! Read details below! Until: November 26 2019 Win: Exclusive Godhood Content! Previously only unlockable...
  8. RickSo

    First Info! The "Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update

    "Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update launches October 24! Learn more about this milestone update in our introduction stream on October 23! Come join us as we create a religion in a big gameplay stream on October 24! New System: Religious Development Inspire your 👥 Worshippers to develop...
  9. RickSo

    Early Access Roadmap

    UPDATES Milestone 1 launch date & Religion Development Beta Milestone 1 'Create Your Own Religion' Release --------------------------------------------- Hello Godhood gang! With the release of the Old One Rising Update, we wanted to open up about our process going forward. This is why we...
  10. RickSo

    Out now! The "Old One Rising" Update

    We've revealed the Cultist! See above for details! 🐙 Check back September 2nd and 3rd for more info for the September 4 release!
  11. RickSo

    Suggestion for UI (everywhere)

    Thanks! Totally agree on these; especially Save Game visuals.
  12. RickSo

    [Suggestions] A Few Things

    You unlock a unique class per Commandment. The Executioner (Dark Melee striker) is unlocked with the War Commandment, for example. This should be better feedbacked when you pick your Commandment, definitely!
  13. RickSo

    Sharing my experiences [Will of the people]

    Thanks for sharing your feelings on the Will of the People update Xilconic! That's super helpful! I can talk specifically about some of the things you found confusing / hope will be available in the future: As a general note; I'll say that a lot of the UI feedback is incredibly work in...
  14. RickSo

    [Suggestions] A Few Things

    At this point the beta build and the main build are one and the same, yes ☺ We'll make a new topic here when we enter a new beta period. Keep an eye out for it!
  15. RickSo

    Abilities Suggestion

    Since the Will of the People update this should be fixed and no longer happen!
  16. RickSo

    Suggestions 0.13.17

    Good solid feedback going on here! Thanks for sharing so many actionable points. They're honestly all things we agree with and would like to get to. It'll take some time to tackle some of the more fundamental issues, of course! Stay tuned! We have map randomization on the mind! We have some...
  17. RickSo

    [Suggestions] A Few Things

    Yep! We actually made the Miracles a bit more fair when it comes to getting results based on your Faith. Glad to hear you like the new Faith system!
  18. RickSo

    Enemies double-up on Triggered abilities

    That's a serious issue. Manuel is on it!
  19. RickSo

    Beta: Will of the People

    Good idea!
  20. RickSo

    Update #1: Will of the People

    It's the first update for Godhood: "Will Of The People"! Our goal for this update was to add more strategy & choices and increase the challenge of Godhood. In order to meet this goal, we're introducing a number of brand new features! Worshipper Enthusiasm: Keep your flock happy! Your...