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  1. Joni

    Tomorrow: The Will Of The People Update!

    Hey there young gods, Just a quick reminder that the Will Of The People Update will launch tomorrow, August 7th! The update will launch at 1PM CEST/5AM PDT, and we'll do a special launch stream - showing off all the new stuff - at 7PM CEST/11AM PDT! Join the Launch Stream at 7PM CEST/11 AM...
  2. Joni

    Out now! The "Old One Rising" Update

    Old One Rising update unlocked and playable! Update the game through Steam or GOG Galaxy to find the newest build (14.1) Join us in the launch stream! That's September 4, 7PM CEST / 11AM PDT on Twitch, Steam or YouTube. Finally, the ancient gods have graced us with their maddening presence...
  3. Joni

    This Wednesday: the Will Of The People Update!

    Hey there young gods, We talked about it at length in a past update, but this week it's happening: the Will Of The People Update arrives this Wednesday! The update will launch at 1PM CEST/5AM PDT, and we'll do a special launch stream - showing off all the new stuff - at 7PM CEST/11AM PDT...
  4. Joni

    Upcoming streams around the "Will of the People" Update

    Hi there young gods, Last week, we told you all about the "Will of the People" Update that's coming in two weeks and improves the game in a couple of core gameplay aspects. We also briefly mentioned that we'll do three streams in the run-up to the release of this update. July 24th, 7PM...
  5. Joni

    Coming Soon: The Will of the People Update

    Hey there young gods! A little over a week has passed, the dust has settled a bit and it took some time for us to get used to, but the realization has kicked in: Godhood is out in Early Access on Steam and GOG! THANK YOU! Thank you if you backed on Kickstarter. Thank you if you purchased an...
  6. Joni


    Hey young gods! Be sure to leave all your reports of typos, spelling errors and other language errors in this thread! Thanks in advance, -Joni
  7. Joni

    Godhood Launches in Early Access Today!

    Wow, young gods! Woow! After almost three years of development, Godhood is ready to launch into Early Access... TODAY! If you want to be among the first to get your hands on the early access version of the game, be sure to refresh these stores at the listed times! Godhood will launch on Steam &...
  8. Joni

    About Abbey Games

    Abbey Games is a Dutch independent studio that makes deep and complex management games fun for everyone. Their debut god game Reus was a surprise hit in the summer of 2013 and their second strategy management game, Renowned Explorers, launched in 2015 to incredibly positive reviews. The team...
  9. Joni

    One more week until Godhood releases in Early Access!

    Hi there young gods, We've been a bit quiet recently, but for good reason: we were super busy making Godhood ready for its Early Access release. And we're almost there! Only one more week until the game launches into Early Access on Steam and on In Development on GOG. Right now we're...
  10. Joni

    Weekly Update #4

    Hey there young gods, Rick is a bit under the weather today, unfortunately, so for this weekly update I'm afraid you're stuck with a different chef: me, Joni. Apologies for the Dutchisms and the lack of visual flair in advance! But no worries, there's still enough to rejoice about this week...
  11. Joni

    Godhood Kickstarter Rewards Delivery - Troubleshooting Guide

    Hi there Young Gods! Over the past weekend, we sent out hundreds, even more than a thousand forms to all Kickstarter backers and of Godhood to get some necessary info to make the distribution of Kickstarter rewards as easy and quick as possible. We've gotten back a lot of forms already and will...
  12. Joni

    Weekly Update #1

    Hi young gods! It's been a little bit! Kickstarter-fever is starting to wind down here at the Abbey, as we patiently wait (read: eagerly develop Godhood) while Kickstarter processes the funding you graciously chose to support us with. In the meantime let's use this first weekly update to take a...
  13. Joni

    The Godhood Kickstarter has succeeded! Now what?

    Hey young gods! Thank you all so much for your support during this Kickstarter. Because of your help backing and spreading the word, this Kickstarter's gone far beyond anything we could've hoped for! Thanks to all your support, the Kickstarter campaign for Godhood has succeeded! Let's go over...
  14. Joni

    Some more info on that Kickstarter Campaign

    The Kickstarter campaign for Godhood is now live! If you want to help us out, please read this post. ------- It's been a while since we've announced that we're going to take Godhood along the Kickstarter route. Back then I couldn't disclose many details, simply because we didn't know enough...
  15. Joni

    New Gameplay Teaser Trailer for Godhood!

    It's been four months since we last shared some moving images from Godhood; time for some new ones!
  16. Joni

    Renowned Explorers: Three Year Anniversary!

    Three years ago, Renowned Explorers: International Society was first released! It's been an amazing few years with multiple pieces of DLC, tons of patches, and an amazing community that still organizes a weekly Community Challenge. And we're not done yet! Even though we're still working hard on...
  17. Joni

    Reus' Original Soundtrack now available!

    To celebrate the 5th birthday Reus, we finally got round to make the soundtrack available... properly! The game's composer Joni (that's me, actually) took some time off to remaster a grand total of 25 tracks, 13 of which were previously unreleased, and bundled them together on an album that's...
  18. Joni

    Heads-up: Godhood is going Kickstarter!

    As you may have noticed, the communication channels about Godhood are starting to open up. We've shown some gameplay in a brand new trailer, a few people outside the Abbey have started testing the alpha version of the game and we're planning on showing and telling a lot more about the game on...
  19. Joni

    How to get started with the Alpha

    Since you can read this message you've already come a long way: you've successfully entered the Super Secret Alpha Forum! This means that, if everything went well you've received a Steam key in your e-mail as well. If you haven't, please send an e-mail to and we'll get you...
  20. Joni

    Community Goals, Rules and Guidelines

    Abbey Games builds management games in a devout, yet playful manner. We hope you enjoy our games in a similar way and we aim to create and maintain a community that extends that enjoyment. Next to that, we want both our games and this community to be welcoming to players that aren't familiar...