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  1. Alplod

    Newfound Shores Update Beta Crahes.

    Two save files attached. Peqce is a fight against guys with the "Be the Wolf debuff". Any time the lower one applies the debuff game crashes midsacrament. The other one game crashes AFTER the successfully finished sacrament. Produced autosave also crashes the game.
  2. Alplod

    Newfound Shores Beta Feedback.

    Hey, dear monks! First of all, I'd like to say that I do really like how the game developes! All feedback comes from playing 3 games on classic difficulty...almost to the end. 2 of them had annoying crashes closer to the end, which I'm going to post in another thread with saves included...
  3. Alplod

    Unordered thoughts on the current state of Godhood.

    Firstly, I'd like to mention, that I missed the chance to follow the development of the game due to irl problems and stuff. Thus, the previous update I played was one that had only 3 virtues (war, peace and lust) and lots of things changed since then. I do really enjoy the game even in its...
  4. Alplod

    Of RNG, Time and Faith.

    Given the current state and emphasis of the game I find some of the RNG elements and their relation to the flow of time in the city view highly detrimental. In more detail: 1)OK. So we have RNG decide whether the disciple will just do something or do something "effectively" (dark green face...
  5. Alplod

    Where are the freaking save files?

    Hey, guys, can anyone help me to find savegame files for Godhood? Checked steam folder and mydocs, just can't find them...
  6. Alplod

    Godhood late backing.

    Hi, guys! I've managed to late-back you on 6th of April. I wonder, what happens next? Should I get some kind of e-mail?
  7. Alplod

    From a long time fan.

    Hi, Dear Abbey Games! I'm a long time fan of your games. I've become fascinated with Reus. Fascinated to the point I participated in community events (like fan translation to Russian). I was pretty active on older Reus forums doing bug reports and such. And I was not taking part in any online...