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    My feedback on CYOR update

    I like the game and want it to be awesome! But I do of course have some things I think could be improved on. :) -Funeral rites tree is terrible, not because the individual options are bad, but because the entire premise is bad. Waiting for a disciple to die is a huge penalty. Not because the...
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    Getting penalty from Impatient Season despite doing sacrament on Excited Season

    Near the end of my game, when I was on the last island, I had at least two instances where I went to do a sacrament when my people were excited about it. But when I finished the sacrament I got the yellow season doubting debuff and the season tracker had no season highlighted, like it was at 0...
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    Disciple assigned to miracle does not perform it

    I assigned a disciple to a miracle and spent my offerings. Either it got canceled when I picked a different job for a different disciple (which should not have been an option as I was at 3 of 3 jobs inspired) or it just never showed up at all. I know the disciple was assigned to a miracle...
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    Graphics settings issue, crash when performing very first initiative inspiration

    I used the ingame tool but you apparently shouldn't hit enter while working on your report because it gets sent immediately. :oops: Issue 1 & 2 (present in current release build as well): 1. Start program 2. I am in some kind of weird graphics mode that's fullscreen (I think, possibly...
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    Class thematic organization

    I saw some discussion of limiting each virtue to a few classes at the beginning. That sounds like a good idea, but I do think regardless of whether that happens or not, the distribution of ability categories/types across classes could be improved. Here's my braindump: Class Element Required...
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    Lust priest skill bug

    There's a possibility this is just a UI issue that's preventing me from seeing the appropriate info, but I think this is an actual bug. Sometimes the enemy takes 0 damage and says they aren't attracted to the priest even when the preparation screen says they should be. I've even seen with the...