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  1. AbbeyAdriaan

    Misc. Holy Site gameplay bugs/improvements

    Thanks Spartan! Are you playing on the Beta branch right now?
  2. AbbeyAdriaan

    Great Work So Far

    Woah, thanks for the compliment! We're trying our best to get it to that mythical 1.0, and the encouragement helps. :) Interesting idea! I thought a bit about it, and I'm a bit afraid to create unstoppable players. The "good" players, who don't need more happiness, will get more happiness and...
  3. AbbeyAdriaan

    100% EVADE

    For the next patch, he'll just get a bonus instead of infine evasion. Thanks for reporting!
  4. AbbeyAdriaan


    Fixed it, thanks!
  5. AbbeyAdriaan

    Cannot pass the day

    Yes, what Blackvision said! Maybe we already fixed it for the coming update. But it won't hurt to check!
  6. AbbeyAdriaan

    Update 6 Tenets and Traditions Feedback

    Thanks a lot for the extensive write-up! Happy to see you agree with our direction! Really, for us it's now balancing the content, make some thing easier or more clear to play with, and add Greed! This will help balancing out, thanks a lot! (Also, it's motivating to read this kind of stuff ;D)
  7. AbbeyAdriaan

    Godhood Ascension; Rising up to 1.0!

    Greetings, young Gods! Our latest update was a great success! We've seldomly had so many people positively engaged with Godhood before! Thanks for all the feedback and support! We take this as an encouragement to make more interesting improvements to Godhood! So what can you expect from us in...
  8. AbbeyAdriaan

    God actions: bugs

    Thanks! I will look into it!
  9. AbbeyAdriaan

    Title "Community Elder" gives every disciple +5 arrogance every mission

    Ok that bug goes deeeep. Thanks for finding it, we're looking into it. Till then, Bad Elder!
  10. AbbeyAdriaan

    I'm new and like to help make this game even better!

    Hey Forestfey! Thanks for all the kind words! Suggestions are always super welcome. :) An endless mode would indeed be nice. First we want to put a nice satisfying end to the game, but an endless mode could be nice on the long term! Maybe something of an endless challenge? Who knows! And...
  11. AbbeyAdriaan

    God actions: bugs

    Thanks Bart! I will be fixing that! I'll be sure to keep a balance in mind. Hermit Pilgrimage is really strong, so I do want you to make a little bit of effort for it. Boosting knowledge quickly still seems like a decent short term goal, but I'll be sure not to make it too high! The faith from...
  12. AbbeyAdriaan

    Several bugs

    Thanks for the report! I've fixed what I could for the next patch. :)
  13. AbbeyAdriaan

    Title "Community Elder" gives every disciple +5 arrogance every mission

    Yeah that seems very not good. Bad Elder! We've fixed it in the last patch! :D
  14. AbbeyAdriaan

    Update #6: Tenets and Traditions

    Young gods! We're happy to present our sixth update: Tenets & Traditions! This is a Milestone update with massive game-changing features. We're still in Early Access, so if you find any bugs or major imbalances, please let us know! Historic Discount Starting today, Godhood is on sale with a...
  15. AbbeyAdriaan

    Couple new Beta #6 bugs

    Wow, impressive! That sucks though, I'll try to figure it out. 2) I don't think I can fix them in time for the release, so I 'll lock them for now. They'll be back though! 3) So you could pick 2 tenets? Did you wait with picking one? Or did you just got to pick 2 at once? 4)Yeah that seems...
  16. AbbeyAdriaan

    Update #6 Sneak Peak: Improvements Showcase

    Hello young Gods, We are a week into testing our new update, and we've been overwhelmed by all the positive responses! There is still plenty to fix, but you can expect the Tenets & Traditions update to arrive soon! Until then, let us dive into some of the other changes we made. There are too...
  17. AbbeyAdriaan

    Beta #6

    hahaha yeah that last one has a bit too much eh? ;) Thanks for the feedback! About tenets and their effects: At first I made exactly what you described - we had the same idea about it! Why not make more specific tenet options and show their effects right? Feels more strategic! But it had a...
  18. AbbeyAdriaan

    Update #6 beta thoughts

    Thanks again Bruno for the extensive write-up! Very helpful. :) 1) Are you talking about the relationship between tenets and traditions, or about tenets and events specifically? Is there something in particular you would like to see? One of the goals with the tenets is to be at least a bit...
  19. AbbeyAdriaan

    #6 some thoughts and bugs

    Thank you so much Noctua! Enough work for us eh? ;) 1. More clarity on how tenets and traditions work. Check! 2. Right now they cheer on 2 ocassions - when you convert them or in between rounds. Is the conversion bit too much for your taste? 3. Noted! 4. Behind the scenes, the tree is one...
  20. AbbeyAdriaan

    Update #6 Sneak-peek: Temples and Rituals

    Oh it's very alpha! In your case, better wait a moment then! We already found a ton of crashes.