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  1. Noctua

    UI after loading game, god level UI and inspire UI gone, you skip a day and get them back btw Quick solution to be able to continue playing: You can actually press the pause symbol twice, a day will go by and you get your UI back
  2. Noctua

    UI issue on ?Divine surge? ability

  3. Noctua

    If you need to gain 'war priest' through 'raid miracle' please name them the same to avoid confusion

    Like it says. On the temple it says 'War priest miracle' implying heavily I need to perform the miracle there. On the raid icon it says 'Raid miracle' hence it sounds like something completely different but other people tell me that is the war priest miracle so i'll trust them on that Please...
  4. Noctua

    The colour in god customization is a bit muted

    When selecting colours you don't actually get the colours you select and while I can understand some styling decision in those I enjoyed being able to pick really bright colours, like a very bright background: Before White: Now White: It's really grey and not white at all :C
  5. Noctua

    9.16 beta Missing image: sprites/ui/icons etc.

    Seems it's missing the image for senerity in the text?
  6. Noctua

    Build 9.16 enormous blocks of fire

    This started after the War temple was completed it's pretty but probably not as intended
  7. Noctua

    Farm miracle bugged 9.16 beta

    The farm miracle keeps telling me my disciples have no miracle slots left. They do however, the disciples can also just perform the farm miracle, so it seems it's just the text popping up.
  8. Noctua

    First playthrough ever! build 9.11 thoughts and observations

    Hi there, yesterday I played my first playthrough of Godhood. First, I want to say I had great fun :D I wasn't sure how to record things yet, so I just wrote down thoughts and observations as I played. In hindsight I should've time coded them which would make the event easier to find back in the...
  9. Noctua

    Challenge #147: Jolly St. Ivan!

    Challenge #147: Jolly St. Ivan Concept: DHBTVS Story: Noctua Spell Contributions from: Flamestalker, Noctua Spell, Blackvision, Pistax, DHBTVS, Liort, Zale, AbbeyRutger Story: Pinkerton sighed as he looked upon Ivan’s request written in neat handwriting. “We don’t have any budget left this...
  10. Noctua

    Reports of holy grail not being rewarded

    A couple of people in the discord have attested that they are not rewarded the holy grail after completing the holy lands succesfully, people posted this in dev bugs on the discord