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    First Impressions: Lack of agency, time consuming UI interaction

    Hey everyone, after my first about 5 hours of play, I felt slightly... slightly... like giving feedback. I dont want to say "disappointed", since we are in early access, so everythings fine. On the other hand, renown explorers felt so much more satisfying in some way. Here are some objections...
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    Cant scroll sidebar

    1920*1080 (16:9) on a pc, might probably be different for higher resolutions or other ratios, you might be right. Would still be great to have it fixed for common resolutions.
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    Cant scroll sidebar

    tbh, I was kinda expecting this one when I first saw how building buttons align. confirmed :p to clarify: once you build enough sites to extend the ui bar below the level of the turn-button, theyare overlapped by the next turn button and you cant click them anymore. Edit: Just recognized: Is...
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    Tooltip missing reference

    Hey folks, what a beautiful game, I'm in awe! Yet, we all know it's early access, and here's my first bug report: "Unknown macro" is probably not the stat, that's increased by 0.25 :P