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    Suggestion- Cook should have extra HP/armor

    The cook is slightly weak as a support class. It should have +HP like Chieftain, and maybe also +Physical armor. (Generosity totems often have health stats, the cook could benefit it could be built as a physical tank. Also it GIVES physical damage to opponents, should have some defence for...
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    Suggestion- Madness relic should unlock Rage Prophet class?

    Madness relics dont unlock Rage prophet, despite this class synergising extremely well with madness. The first miracle passive of RP is in fact the exact mirror of Cultist's, +might for total knowledge on your team. The 'Sacred infant' relic should unlock RP instead of chieftain. I got a very...
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    Boss on Generosity/Lust Island2 design Unbalanced against morale teams?

    Wait Adriaan… I played this boss again with a different morale team (purity instead of peace). It's still very unbalanced. Problem: They do a combo: 1. Zealot casts Blessing, raises crit chance. 2. Cook casts split meal, buffs AoE guy with 40% extra morale damage. 3. AoE guy attacks, crits (he...
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    Reincarnation god action not fixed?

    I was totally expecting this to be fixed in 1.1.5, I'm sure you guys know about it! The text on the god action for Reincarnation (tradition) is completely mismatched with its actual conditions. Besides that, you get +2 chests if the disciple meets the might/charisma condition, and NONE if they...
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    Orange Arrow

    Yes the click does not always work on the arrow. My workaround is to zoom out and manually go to the site of the happening, where it will zoom in by itself.
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    Boss on Generosity/Lust Island2 design Unbalanced against morale teams?

    Dear Balance Gods! "Third Wheel" on the Lust Island still intercepts and defies too hard!! o_O Real pain to go up against with morale teams. Sacrament screen says "Blessed" matchup, but you can't touch the LustPriests without AoE attacks! Please nerf the Thirdwheel, like you did with the...
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    Sun Stone/Ability Point bugged in patch 1.13? Also Advanced Miracles text missing

    One more bug, good sir- text for advanced miracles has suddenly vanished in the patch. At leastfor the Miracle Debate building for Peace, which should say +1 Dev spark. Didn't want to start new thread for this, hopefully won't fly under the radar...
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    Small UI improvement- show xp bar on sacrament selection screen

    With the new patch out, I thought to mention a smallbut important issue- you cannot see the stamina/xp bars when selecting destined mission. This is particularly bad when starting a new island, because after the bosss fight you want to check if any miracles are charged or stamina is low...
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    Sun Stone/Ability Point bugged in patch 1.13? Also Advanced Miracles text missing

    The Ability Point cost is up from 150 to 200 offerings? Same as the 2x Ability point upgrade. Why? Also I got an extra ability point from it. Seems broken.
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    RNG on totems/relics breaks fantasy?

    Loving the new Bronze totem on recruit #5 with the new patch! Was very needed! But I'm still getting PINK at the START of island2! I think it's WAY too powerful so early on. I know you guys dicussed this a lot on discord... Why not limit isle2 totems to bronze and greens?
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    Godhood Patch 1.1 now released

    Cool, thanks. Would have love to see the God-editor after creation in this patch though... 😅
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    Godhood Patch 1.1 now released

    Nice! Will the balance changes apply to previous savegame files, or only new games? Also, is th community more active on Discord? Don't see any of these community suggestions onthese forums!
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    Boss on Generosity/Lust Island2 design Unbalanced against morale teams?

    Hey Adriaan, sounds good! Maybe consider a similar tweak on the "3rd wheel" disciple in the Lust island Boss? That one tends to intercept/defy attacks too well, has higher knowledge than the 2 lust priests! Maybe these bosses are currently better designed against physical teams...?
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    Boss on Generosity/Lust Island2 design Unbalanced against morale teams?

    I have repeatedly found the second-part boss on the generosity island 2 difficult to beat, when running an all-morale team. Playing on hard, not impossible. It's odd, because with this kind of morale team setup I'm doing well on all other bosses/nodes (often with 2 martyrdom). But this boss...
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    RNG on totems/relics breaks fantasy?

    Recruit #5 should always have a RED totem. It's tragic to get greys, then suddenly greens on island2 which make this relatively new recruit quite useless.
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    Bug- Isle3 Greed Boss has incorrect passive debuff

    On the 3rd Island with the Greed theme, the 1st half of the Boss mission has a strong Guardian with high defense and Health scaling attacks. His passive (on the preparation screen) says will lose Health & Devotion when hit by physical abilities, but in the sacrament it changes instead to...
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    Some Achievements unlocking incorrectly (GOG offline install)

    Just finished a game using only the classes unlocked by the initial relic. Did NOT unlock "Perfectionist". v1.0.6.
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    Feature request- Edit God/Religion after religion already made

    Also would be sweet to include the Dedication you built, in the my religions screen. and show the top 3 disciples by power, instead of age!