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  1. Blackvision

    Bug/troubleshooting help needed - cannot see characters, Mac

    Latest patch was meant to fix a whole heap of Mac issues, so hope so!
  2. Blackvision

    Suggestions, wishlist after 8 playthroughs

    Fairly sure from Rick's streams that they have ideas for making village elders from your old disciples, but not sure if that's still on the plans or not (or how far away). Keep asking for it to get it, basically ;)
  3. Blackvision

    Brief introduction/explanation of Godhood

    Good work. I'd have waited until we knew with more certainty what will be part of the game and what won't though ;)
  4. Blackvision

    Newbie FAQ

    No. Which is weird, but no, they don't :p every 5 years Hadn't checked, but believe it's the ones before aging - basically just a final multiplier for them Individually, yes. As a whole, better stats from the folklore and totems on new disciples (folklore = ) Yes :D Plus side, new disciples will...
  5. Blackvision

    Forum suggestion

    Just a thought, but could we un-bold the subfolders at the top of the forum? It always makes me think there's new posts in them to read, which actually only happens when the 'new' pops up next to them. That or make the text different from the main forum threads somehow.
  6. Blackvision

    [Suggestion] Random demolishable buildings and an inspire disciple UI with a lot less buttons

    Oh, I'm not saying make it idle, just remove the boring bits to make room for the interesting ones to be the main focus of the game ;)
  7. Blackvision

    Coming Soon: The Will of the People Update

    Would like to add quickly that I think there *is* challenge, but it's more about learning the game (and potentially, abusing horrifically OP combinations) than puzzle-like tactical choices. Otherwise, looks great! Only thing I'd ask is that the Enthusiasm also has stages between going to a...
  8. Blackvision

    Newbie FAQ

    The issue of remember whether you did patch something or something else made it irrelevant. Or whether that bug fix was on a later version that was then scrapped ;) (Yes, I remember that one in RE:IS) :P
  9. Blackvision

    Loading and Saving?

    (If you don't want to show it on the public forum, you can always email Rutger at )
  10. Blackvision

    Loading and Saving?

    I heavily recommend trying changing your profile name in-game to see if that's messing with it: it defaults to your steam profile name, but previously some characters stopped windows creating the folder to save into. That *should* be fixed, but given that this is exactly what happened then, I...
  11. Blackvision

    [Suggestion] Random Events to show your divine judgement

    Wholeheartedly agree with this. Would let your people and religion feel a lot more organic to match their wonderful passive actions in the village (chatting to each other, wandering about doing stuff, etc). Wouldn't complain if various miracles performed actually let you make decisions on...
  12. Blackvision

    [Suggestion] Random demolishable buildings and an inspire disciple UI with a lot less buttons

    Hotkeys exist for selecting the actions, but wouldn't be against having additional hotkeys to then follow up with Disciples :P (And btw monks: Can we ensure the bindings for the actions remain the same actions? When you get god powers they're added at the wrong end, so you hit '2' to miracle...
  13. Blackvision

    Can't reach year 200

    Yay! Now you can lose intentionally! :P
  14. Blackvision

    Newbie FAQ

    Yup :p Was an Alpha > Beta tester. "Back when I played this game, it was real-time in the village and you could pick a favoured ability in combat!" etc ;)
  15. Blackvision

    Can't reach year 200

    It stores them all - which is why you see *all* your disciples from beginning to end on the victory screen.
  16. Blackvision

    Patch 1 [Monday 15th of July 2019, 13:00] (Build 0.12.16)

    Yes, absolutely.
  17. Blackvision

    Class thematic organization

    (Executioner, Dark, req. War, Melee, Violent) All the commandment-specific classes have a second element attack of some kind as well - less so with the others. For Reference, here's my (possibly very slightly out-dated list of all abilities/passives)...
  18. Blackvision

    Can't reach year 200

    Yeah, I found it tended to crash as you approached the end-game. Didn't have the patience to try it for a 200 year game though - only did it for a 100 year one. Things definitely slowed down as the time progressed overall though, not just an absolute cut-off.
  19. Blackvision

    Retribute skill executes during stun

    Currently Stuns etc don't prevent any triggers or blocks from working. I suspect (given that Rick said that it'd stop them on his stream) that this is not intentional :p
  20. Blackvision

    Continue button not working

    Yeah, I have that a lot. The dead spots seem to vanish if you click on them once for me though.