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  1. Maarten

    More Abbey Games on Steam forums and Discord server

    Hello! While we're regularly reading and posting on these forums, we also have Abbey Games buzz in other places. Mainly: A large part of the community has organized themselves on Discord here: We'll post news and you can discuss the games with the community on the...
  2. Maarten

    Bug- Isle3 Greed Boss has incorrect passive debuff

    Hey Spariant, Thanks for your report! While development is a lot less intensive than before launch, we'll still Godhood updated with patches every now and then!
  3. Maarten

    Initial Review

    Hello Tygari, Thanks for your feedback. I won't be discussing your points here, but please feel welcome to talk to us about the game and its development at the discord channel if you feel like it.
  4. Maarten

    Godhood Patch 1.1 now released

    Hello young gods! Today we bring you a new update packed with some requested features, fixes and some community ideas! Let's dive right into it! Free Mode When you select the difficulty for your run of Godhood, you can now also enable Free Mode. This will unlock all Tenets and Traditions...
  5. Maarten

    Godhood: All the changes since Early Access

  6. Maarten

    Update #7 / Version 1.0: Godhood is now released!

    Dear young gods and goddesses, What a journey it has been! Many of you have seen us rise from the ashes of our Early Access release. Now is finally the time to open a new chapter. First and foremost, we want to thank all of you who took a bet on our Early Access release. Without your help we...
  7. Maarten

    Godhood ascends Early Access on August 11th!

    We’re almost there, gods and goddesses! After more than a year in Early Access, we’re proud to present Godhood as a full product on the 11th of August! Let the nectar of the gods flow on that blessed day. Together with the help of some amazing players, we’re working on bringing a blast of an...
  8. Maarten

    Godhood Ascension; Rising up to 1.0!

    This link should work: Updated it in the post :)
  9. Maarten

    Moving towards Ascension: Update #6 Sneak-Peek

    You're right, thanks, I'll fix it!
  10. Maarten

    [CUSTOMIZATION] Color picking overlaps

    Thanks, You're right. The color picker should close, I'll update this when I finalize the god creation screen and character editor. These both should receive a bit more attention in general. Thanks for noting :)
  11. Maarten

    Update #5: Righteous Rituals has arrived!

    Hey young gods! Hopefully you're all safe and healthy. Today, we're happy to bring you another update for Godhood! Due to the great positive response to our last update, we've decided to supercharge our update schedule. Today, as a bit of a surprise maybe, we continue our efforts to make...
  12. Maarten

    [DISCIPLES] Disciple name conflicts

    Ah, yes, that complicates things :p It's not super high on my priority-list, but I'll write it down anyway for when I revisit that part of the code. Cheers!
  13. Maarten

    Bug when filling up the Religion Development screen

    I've had this bug as well, it's quite annoying and I'll put it on my fix-list for this week. Thanks for reporting!
  14. Maarten

    [SACRAMENT] God Name not shown

    I cannot find the problematic string for now... Should you know more (the name of the ability, or the exact words that they said), please let me know :) Thanks!
  15. Maarten

    [INTERFACE] Mission Circles disappeared

    Yes, good one, that initiation button causes trouble often. Will look into this.
  16. Maarten

    [DISCIPLES] Disciple name conflicts

    Ha. Did you end up choosing the right disciple? I'm not sure whether the ordering is preserved in this case. I assume it does. Maybe we should disallow duplicate disciple names?
  17. Maarten

    Bugs still in the game

    Have you had this bug with other elemental types as well? Or only with 'nature vs nature'?
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  19. Maarten

    Update #4: Newfound Shores is here!

    Gods and Goddesses, our new update is finally here! The "Newfound Shores" Milestone update is ready for you Early Access gods to play with! We're proud and excited to present this big step forward to you! In short; we made huge improvements to the game and how it plays. Previously, we were not...
  20. Maarten

    UI issue: no cancel button

    Hey, We've reworked this flow a bit in the upcoming version, now both right click and escape work for closing actions and UI, and more consistently across all sorts of UI.