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  1. AbbeyAdriaan

    Combat Suggestions

    Hey there, thanks for the suggestions! I have to say, I find almost all of them really good. There are many ideas here that I would've loved to see in Godhood! Some of your ideas (like the first one with choosing virtues through stories) was in the original, but we went in way over our head...
  2. AbbeyAdriaan

    Simplified Chinese & Patch 1.2: Monastery Life

    Hello young gods! Two exciting events today; the game is available in simplified Chinese and Update 1.2: Monastery Life is ready for you to play! Simplified Chinese We recently got the opportunity to translate Godhood into Simplified Chinese. We gladly took this chance, which we're grateful...
  3. AbbeyAdriaan

    A bunch of minor issues in 1.1

    Thanks, I will be looking into them! The rule is slightly different: If I end up with more HP than the original target, I jump. So it's already really close to what you suggeted. :) The issue is also that it's just hard to notice the true damage if the tank would not block. That strike that...
  4. AbbeyAdriaan

    Initial Review

    Hey there, thanks for your review! As a game design student, I think Godhood is a very interesting case. I think there is no game out there that explores the tension between control and influence in games like Godhood, bar some sport managers who benefit from a lot of real-life context. I think...
  5. AbbeyAdriaan

    Boss on Generosity/Lust Island2 design Unbalanced against morale teams?

    You're prayers have been answered. \o/
  6. AbbeyAdriaan

    Reincarnation god action not fixed?

    Oh, you're actually the first one to find it, weirdly. I'll get to it immediately!
  7. AbbeyAdriaan

    Sun Stone/Ability Point bugged in patch 1.13? Also Advanced Miracles text missing

    hmmm I didn't change this - at least not knowingly! I'll take a look!
  8. AbbeyAdriaan

    Godhood Patch 1.1 now released

    Hey Spariant! Thanks! :D Yeah, the Discord is more active than here! We're still managing to deal with the infrastructure from when Abbey Games was a multinational ultra corp who thought it could create its own community environment. ;D You're more than welcome there!
  9. AbbeyAdriaan

    Boss on Generosity/Lust Island2 design Unbalanced against morale teams?

    Good point! I lowered the defenses of the AoE Disciple!
  10. AbbeyAdriaan

    RNG on totems/relics breaks fantasy?

    Hey there! Yeah I did some tweaking on the totems - they're now much more evenly spread! The rarity on relics... is just a bit random. I think it's just some legacy from old design and systems that I will need to vaccuum thoroughly!
  11. AbbeyAdriaan

    I never got my copy

    Just send a mail to with your receit, and we'll get too it!
  12. AbbeyAdriaan

    stat RANKS ignore permanent stat boosts?

    That sounds like the culprit! so weird that death is different from the stats in the Disciple UI.
  13. AbbeyAdriaan

    stat RANKS ignore permanent stat boosts?

    This sounds like an oversight. It should be permanent. Thanks for the info! The Burial buff seems weird. Are you sure its not from another source? The glove I found to be not working indeed.
  14. AbbeyAdriaan

    Update #7 / Version 1.0: Godhood is now released!

    Thanks Ace and Poseidon! Was quite some work, but we're also happy with the results! We might open up crowd translations Poseidon. We're looking at it!
  15. AbbeyAdriaan

    The Game Sprites Are Not There

    Hey there DerpLord, We have a major issue with 2 specific Mac graphic drivers. We have no idea where it comes from, and after spending months trying to find it, we had to give up (also with our downscope in mind). It really sucks, because the game works fine for 90% of the machines. Because of...
  16. AbbeyAdriaan

    Minor gripes and issues with 1.0.6 version

    Hey Wendek, thanks for the feedback! 1) All minor miracles have temporary or small effects. the-10 is temporary. They're just there for the story and a little bit of wrenching. 2)There might be a bug or two in there, since what you exeprience shouldn't happen! 3) They're purely thematical, to...
  17. AbbeyAdriaan

    Update #7 / Version 1.0: Godhood is now released!

    Thank you so much ComradeDan! Happy to see you had a good time. :)
  18. AbbeyAdriaan

    Disciple willingly attacking a worse target?

    Hmm that makes no sense. If I had a log, I could see what it was thinking... I'll keep an eye out for it!