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[0.12.15 GOG] some bugs


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  • proselytizer stacks only up to 2 times, then the oldest one gets replaced, this needs to be explained in a tooltip
  • "War priest" Miracle tooltip on fully upgraded Temple of War has differently written text for the two separate +10% Crit Chance perks. Combine them or write in the the same style, so: "Violent Abilities gain additional +10% Crit Chance" (see "13.jpg" attached)
  • "Cleansing Baptism" Miracle on fully upgraded Temple of Chastity doesn't combine the Health stat upgrades (see "15.jpg" attached)
  • Edit: Is it a bug or a feature, that Temple of Chastity can be used by all disciples, but Temple of Lust and War only by people who performed 2 miracles?


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