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#6 some thoughts and bugs


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Hi, I tried nr. 6 only shortly at this moment but thought I'd already write some stuff down

1. at first it wasn't apparant to me what I could do with traditions my people came up with. Only when I got enough development points and could choose one of them it made sense.
2. the people cheer a bit too much at the sacrament for my personal liking. Especially since the 'converts' bar seems to fall back and go up again, even though it was already at that value. It seems to happen for no good reason to me at this moment.
3. a bug:
When I try to use the rally troops ability (champion of {god}) I get an error:

4. I do really like the build up more than the static trees. The thought that I somewhat randomly get traditions is nice. if you go with this mechanic you should have some different traditions stored up though (for example I choose a particular philosphy and they came up with burials, then I don't expect this to happen every single playthrough where I pick this philosophy but should actually be able to get other traditions as well). Otherwise it's just a more hidden static tree.
5. I am still getting used to the new inspire mechanic, it feels a bit less restrictive than before and that's nice.

Aside from that I only played this #6 for a little while now but it looks a bit more refined than last time :) although I am still getting used to the fact that miracles no longer give stats but development values increases instead


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I am currently on the second island
1. I love the little events that happen based on the tenets/traditions you have. They make everything feel a bit more personal

2. I just finished a battle that said I gained some kind of ability. It was described as 'bless a disciple with an ability as though they gained a level'. After blessing my disciple nothing happened though
3. I like the new mechanic of growing older with the less fervor and with fatigue the loss of abilities. It feels more natural than the old, just lose a bunch of percentages the older you get
4. After making my disciple the one to perform human sacrifices, he now wields a knife. Which is cool, however his two red thingies from his former weapon now float in thin air:


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1. ability points don't seem to be working at all in this build (Edit: I build the sunstone and could assign one ability point, however the ones from god abilities never showed up and seem to have done nothing)
2. you can no longer change the name of a dedication, is this on purpose?

3. lots of god abilities don't seem to have icons yet and show no icon
4. I have chosen a dedication but I cannot put it anywhere ...? Were did it go?
5. all disciple deaths seem to be described with 'her' even though I am pretty sure two by now were masculine
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Abbey Games Developer
Thank you so much Noctua! Enough work for us eh? ;)

1. More clarity on how tenets and traditions work. Check!
2. Right now they cheer on 2 ocassions - when you convert them or in between rounds. Is the conversion bit too much for your taste?
3. Noted!
4. Behind the scenes, the tree is one really big tree with everything connected. (Almost) every tenet unlocks two tradtions, and most traditions unlock 6 new tenets (although there might be overlap). So strictly, it is one big static tree. But it's really big, and easy to diverge to another path. I also want to give more experienced players the option to plan ahead a little, especially for traditions.
5. Glad that you seem to like it!

2.1. Happy you enjoy that! It has been one of the most important things missing in the game, we think!
2.2. The feedback seems missing there. They did learn the ability, probably, but you weren't notified.
2.3. :D
2.4. Woah, I didn't know he would end up always wielding the knife! I'll take a look at it.

3.1. Thanks, will look at it!
3.2. I think this is a problem with the text bar, if there already is a long text there.
3.3. yes, was still in the process of making those :D
3.4. The people will place them!
3.5. Are you talking about Burial, or the small text box?

Thanks for the great report! I'm looking forward to fixing them. >:)


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3.5. Are you talking about Burial, or the small text box?
When your disciple dies and you get a text box informing you of it (the pop-up window), I've had about 4 text boxes in the game and all said 'her' even though i know 2 were set to masculine.

I don't think I'll have that much more time to continue my playthrough, but thanks for the reply :D