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Abbey Games is scoping down


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hey young gods,

We have some sad news, unfortunately. Abbey Games is forced to scope down significantly to survive as a company and to guarantee that Godhood will be finished.


For you, fans and players of our games, not too much will change.

Godhood will still launch out of Early Access in the first half of 2020, with a small delay on the current roadmap. We are still hard at work to make this launch the best we can make it, with our final goal being to expand the game's World Map and replayability.

All Kickstarter Rewards will also be finished by Godhood's launch. If you have any questions regarding these, definitely let us know.


For us, the hardworking monks of the Abbey, a lot is going to change.

This marks the end of an era of 8 years of Abbey Games. We will continue to put in maximum effort on Godhood's launch until December 31st, at which point all employees' contracts will be discontinued. From there the founders of Abbey Games will continue those efforts to deliver the best possible version of Godhood. Abbey Games will also continue as a publisher for all our released games, supporting Reus, Renowned Explorers & Godhood.


In the original Kickstarter pitch, we envisioned Godhood would be expanded with new content for years to come. Sadly that's not a goal we'll be able to reach. But I can say with full confidence that we're all extremely proud of what Godhood has become, and what Godhood is still going to become in the next couple months.

If you're reading this, I want to thank you for your support, feedback, and criticisms. They have, and will continue to, steer us into making Godhood the best god-game it can be.

Thanks so much,

- Rick


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This was really painful to read. Especially with all the people in mind that now have to find new jobs. Hopefully having worked on such great products as Reus, Renowned Explorers and Godhood will help in finding a new place to work.

I’ve been an Abbey Games fan since the early days of Reus, even if I just signed up for the forums. While I hoped for more, I’ll keep enjoying the gems that are here.

I look forward to seeing Godhood completed, its a quirky game, which I hope more people will try. Hopefully the full game will manage to reach more wannabe gods.

Jullie hebben geholpen om Nederland op de kaart te zetten als land waar geweldige games worden gemaakt. Wees trots!
(You’ve helped to put the Netherlands on the map as a place where great games are being made. Be Proud!)


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I've put 100 hours in Renowed Explorers and 62 hours in Reus and now you guys are scoping down? As a Belgian, I stand behind CustodianV131's words: Wees trots. Jullie hebben aan velen uren plezier geleverd. (Be proud, You've given a lot a people hours of fun.)

Is there anything the community can do right now to keep you guys going?


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Indeed, how can we help?
Thanks; it warms my heart to see that reaction! :)
The best way to help Abbey Games is (as it always has been) to share the word with people you think could be into our games, and to leave positive reviews on your platform of choice if you enjoyed playing Godhood.

Thank you!

Lord Reliant

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Abbey Games-

This is indeed a sad day! As one of my top game publishers of all time (RE:IS was amazing!), it's sad to hear finances being the limit to more amazing games in the near future.

I wish the best for everyone at the game studio. As difficult as it is, there are so many amazing, talented people working at the Abbey and I'm confident their skills will find a place in other games. While this is an end of an amazing gaming era, it will also open a new door to opportunities, too.

Please keep us posted about some of the developers and artists and their accolades and achievements so we can continue to support the great efforts of all of these amazing people. Take solace in the great impact you've made for such great games.


Abbey Games Developer
Thanks for the kind word Lord Reliant! We will definitely keep you posted about all the (hopefully) awesome things we'll be doing after Abbey :)


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Made an account today to post this.

Ever since my Dad brought home a ZX Spectrum when I was five years old, gaming has been my life. From Dizzy to Rainbow Islands on Amiga, the original Settlers to Destruction Derby on PS1, Pilotwings, Ocarina, Shadow of the Colossus, League of Legends, right up to Death Stranding.

Like others who've posted here, I have played over 100 hours of Renowned Explorers. Never in my life would I have thought that this cartoony island exploration sim would be jostling for space in my top ten games of all time, a list that includes behemoths such as Dead Space 1, Morrowind, XCOM and of course FFVII.

I don't want to bore anyone with a full review, but you guys had some magic going on when you made RE:IS. I hope that it was as much fun to make as it is to play. I hope that it made you guys some good money for a while. And I hope that each and every person that has worked for Abbey Games finds success in whatever they decide to do next.

Yesterday I beat my personal high score in RE - 8211 Renown. Jan-Piet Corneel, an unlikely leader, found enlightenment and the fabled Dharmachakra at the peak of Shangri-La. Charles Templeton learned more skills than I've ever seen any explorer gain in one run. And when Emilia Karwowska found the prehistoric flower she had been searching for her whole career, I felt it. It was real. How can it be that I can connect to these caricatures so much, even through so many runs, so many hours?

You guys are magic. Best of luck with everything, you deserve it more than most.


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Thank you so much! We're very proud of the work we created. :) REIS will always have a special place in our hearts! Hopefully we can bring more magic to the world!