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I felt that having 6 diciples near the end of the game had me juggling between too many classes. I want to play through a game without worrying too much about whether I may have the right class, defense type(morale/health) or moves(moral/physical). Maybe adding different ability typings(nature/ancient/etc) into other classes would probably add a bit of diversity into peoples builds, even when they play the game over and over again. There was only one that I noticed had that. I feel the game moves a little too fast, so maybe adding a few levels to islands will add to the experience and prolong game play. Being able to visit previous islands and redo battles would be fun, but keep how you wouldn’t gain any followers. Being able to unlock other unavailable classes through tenants/rituals with Dedication Points(or something) would be nice. Adding a light or evil meter/concept would be very interesting to play in the game, and adding beliefs and traditions that are light or evil (can even add grey) will help gain happiness depending on which route you go or something. Light beliefs will raise or lower the happiness of light and evil aligned religions and vice versa for Evil beliefs. Please add another inspiration slot, but if that happens, might need to reduce how much time passes between each one. Making the class system more organized. It was super confusing when I started playing and hard to keep track of the ones that i needed ended in me losing too much that i restart my game. Organizing it by class then under each type then each class. if its unavailable, just color it in black and underneath their respective type. This helps would probably help understand what each types good for and what i probably should be looking to get. Being able to see a classes ability pool when i click a tab or something would help choose which class i should take on a disciple. Having to always check which classes i have and then their abilities, then having to go and choose their class again is annoying.