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Been playing for a week, some game breaking problems I've had.


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Hey there, first I just want to say I've been loving Godhood so much! It's a great cooldown and chill game while listening to podcast and streams. However, after playing just a few days I've run into some problems that have brought my runs to a dead standstill. I have saves, but I don't know how to send them.

-First run I played on Saturday, Charity godess on Easy. Got to the 4th island and my game started chugging, whenever I went into the village screen, immediately. I tried to save and quit, tried doing a sacrament and it still chugged. It's to the point where doing anything in the village takes 15-20 minutes. And at one point it got so bad that the village blackscreened. It was 2fps kind of chugging. Would love to salavage and continue it.

-My latest run I set on normal (managed to get two other runs in without any issues thankfully). Peace God, on the 4th island (always seems to happen there), and I'm doing my sacraments no problem. Get back to village and start preparing for the next sacrament when I realize I got none of the blessings pop up on screen. I can upgrade buildings, but that's about it. Here's a screen shot.

I was really enjoying this game too, but I literally cannot do anything but upload a previous auto save and hope the same doesn't happen. Any help would be appreciated as I know have two runs on hold.