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Best incarnation of the game yet


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Hello, Abbey Monks! I haven't played for quite a while and now I've finally had a chance to give the new updates a spin. I must say simply that the title says it all :)

For the first time since the Early Access began I have genuinely enjoyed playing the game and haven't felt any sort of unpleasant or unfun pressure on my decision making. I've just finished the third island and I was super disappointed to see the game ends there for the time being. Previously I'd never advanced past the second, and always with a feeling of dread and plummeting interest. No longer!

The flow of the game feels much better now. The regular missions, repeatable missions and islands are a solid structure for the game. I simply love the Uderzo-style art for the new islands.

The city upgrade mechanisms fit together very nicely and did not make me feel over- or underwhelmed. I like that I have to chose just a few miracle sites and stick to those.

Limiting classes to a certain amount based on the tenet and making others unlockable enables me to play the game as I want, in effect allowing an extra level of difficulty customization. This is great, but I do hope it doesn't amount to shooting myself in the foot if I chose not to unlock all the well fitting classes. I would personally stay away from creating more classes out of a concern of overcomplicating an already intricate system. Systems can be intricate and beautiful with fewer parts in my opinion.

A few ideas for polish:
I noticed that I don't remember the ”wheel of the elements” that well and I do need it for reference all the time, so maybe making it appear as a mouse-over effect in more places than currently available would be useful.

Previously when I retired a disciple I seem to remember getting some resources. Now it doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Simply clicking the button gets rid of the little person and it feels a bit... anticlimactic, because I've been investing time and attention in those pixel-people.

If you need a proofreader I'm happy to help from home in Amsterdam :p

Keep up the great work and stay safe, dear monks!
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Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Thanks for the nice message and support! The suggestions make sense too. :)

We're working up to an even better version for our 1.0 release!I'm very excited about it and hope to talk about it soon. :)You could send your contacts to adriaan@abbeygames.com. We could maybe do some proofreading, especially since we hope to do some translation too!


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Oh and before I forget: more information about all the various effects that need counters to track. For example: the Saint option that you get after converting an island. You disciple creates a bonus for all other initiates after 7 successful sacraments. But I had no way of tracking who had how many wins so I can play around with this element. I just went forth blindly and at a certain point 3 disciples at once popped up as Saints and gave bonuses.

Also, I would appreciate having the icons for the disciples' classed be coloured in the list on the left side of the screen. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish them at a glance by white symbols only (it might become easier if I learn the symbols) or by their names. I find myself renaming them to Cultist1, Rage2, Druid3 most of the time.
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