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Beta 0.8: The Exodus


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
The new Beta will run for one week, from 17 April to 23 April. The update is pretty big, but obviously still unfinished.

Hey there young gods!
Boy, do we got a new update for you. For the first time in development we focused more on feedback and content than on actual systems. That doesn't mean there were no alterations to the game of course. People who know me, know that the stream of gameplay improvements will never end. >: ) So with no further ado:
Classes & Passives
We added 2 new classes, and completely reworked one! The Songsmith and the Smitesword will enter the fray as you may have seen in passed updates. Besides that, the hunter has gone through a major make-over and turned into the Beastmaster! Now all the 5 elements are represented.

These classes also have some brand new passives! These new passives can be real game changers. The Beastmaster for example can gain an extra turn on turn 1, while the druid now reliably becomes a good blocker. It changes a lot in the Sacrament, but it's not well spread. Some classes might have too many choices, others almost none. Especially the Weaver is now very underdesigned, but it's work in progress.

I hope you'll have fun making some combinations, and I think we got a fantastic and interesting system built here! I'd love to see what you people think of it, given that the content is not well balanced (like, at all).

Visual update

Oh my, did we do a lot of visual updating! We updated some UIs, added a lot more customization and weather changes. There are now many more animations and behaviors in the game, making it quite a bit more pleasant to look at. We also removed one of the major complaints - the hijacking of the camera. Here are some cool things:
  1. A new main menu!
  2. A cool map border, all natural now!
  3. You can do some God customization (although it's really limited for now)
  4. More disciple customization

New economy & World map

The game plays quite a bit different then before. A list of a few of the changes we made:
  1. You can now assign all disciples at the same time. No limit per day.
  2. You go out to get inspirations. You can use them to assign your disciples to do things like perform Miracles, do religious administration, or learn abilities.
  3. You no longer get offerings and mystica from the world map. Instead, it's a job that Disciples can perform in your holy city.
  4. Backgrounds are now miracles. They're a bit more rare and have a higher cost, but they trigger a tiny story. If your Disciple is passionate enough, they might perform a greater Miracle!
  5. The day/night-cycle will get a different role. We want you to be able to sit back and watch the game a little bit more. Up until now, we thought the game was too stiff.
  6. The world map is handmade. This way, we can control the experience a lot more.
This also means quite some new content was added!

Technical Improvements
I totally forgot to mention, but we also made significant technical improvements! Most importantly, the game should run on lower specs, you can change your settings, and a TON of crashes have been fixed! If Godhood didn't quite run on your computer yet, check it out to see if the performance improved!

That summarizes this update! it's a lot of content, and we think the game looks a lot better than it did last time. We want to keep this Beta running longer so we can address critical issues a bit more dynamically. It's also time for me to talk about...

The Road Ahead
We've come a long way in 5 months of closed alpha. The game is shaping up nicely with each update, but we're pretty well aware that we're not where we want to be yet! Here are some really important subjects that certainly are on the road map:
  1. Commandments and Religious Styles: This is the killer content of the game. We want Greed and Chastity! We want human sacrifice and monasteries! We're going to use this base to give place to these things.
  2. Random Map generation: We won't do a fully random map, but we want to have a little of variety per game!
  3. Game length: There should be progression and more challenges. This is mostly content.
  4. God actions: YES!
  5. More Classes, abilities and passives
And then there are "the holes". Things we don't think we can address before early access, but we're already busy improving. These things are:
  1. Generation gameplay: Disciples come and go. They should pass down wisdom to the next generations and make you stronger. This is a bit of a long shot right now, and we don't know how we are going to make this.
  2. Improvements: We need to take a new look at upgrading districts and how disciples unlock new abilities and passives. There is a cool idea with Relics, a bit like Renowned Explorer treasures... ;)

That concludes the update! As I said, there is still a lot to be done, but the core of the game is very much there! We'll be using these systems going forward to make great content and exciting choices!


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*Insert meaningless numerical position here by the time I'm done with the post*

"People who know me, know that the stream of gameplay improvements will never end." Improvements? :p Changes, yes. Improvements... sometimes ;)

"The Beastmaster... ...can gain an extra turn on turn 1," I really hope the passives change the Offence>Defence balance. Cause I'll be 100% Beastmaster otherwise and show you how broken that can be :p

Passives still sound good, will make building Sacrament teams much more entertaining!

Visual updates: Great! Looking forwards to some outlandish Disciples/Villagers(/Deities) :p

Economy and World map: Sounds good. *cracks knuckles in preparation for breaking everything*

The Road Ahead : Yes to all of these! Possible only (minor) exception being the game length comments: I'll see how it changes with this build and the new map, but still feel that the early game is a bit slow. Later game I'm looking forwards to a lot, and is mostly about content and balancing, but a large part of that begins with being able to get all the commandments, etc!

1. Love the idea, hope you keep working on it when you can.
Initial thoughts: when you get a new disciple from your villagers, you pick an older disciple for them to train under or offer it as an alternative daily job? Maybe a Schooling building or the like where one disciple teaches the others there? Teaching is the best way to know your way round a subject, after all!
2. Sounds good. Upgrade my volcano to a level 4 eruption with a hopeless disciple? :D

**Everything above prior to playing it. More to come later**
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Rapid-fire thought stream:

1) Still got 'Godess' and 'Goddess' on the god creation screen despite the other changes there. *Finally fixed, thanks!*
2) New starting texts is interesting, though it seemed odd that having chosen 'dark' my deity was intending to 'bring everyone into the sun'. Maybe make it Night/Sun or Moon/Sun or something? I know it's cosmetic, but it'd be a thematic touch for it. And you couldn't have your god of madness and darkness bringing people into the light :p
3) The Sacrament preparation screen is a bit ugly at the moment. The new stuff on it is good, but it's not the prettiest. Also the buttons don't have that 'Push me!' vibe - they kinda fade into the window. That and small text. Ick! I think my main dislike is the lack of smoothing on the lines - the sections look like something whipped up with a few frames, rather than nicely seated in each other. Should feel like a smooth sandstone/whatever texture tablet with chunky buttons to push - I liked that about the last one, while this just slaps you in the face with the info. It gets the job done, but it's not nearly as tactile.
3) Not sure if it's intended that the Disciples get knocked back into the crowd when everyone targets them and knocks them out, but I like it - having them collapse into a sitting position in the crowd to recover is entertaining. :p
4) I see that the inspired abilities in Sacraments have a much smaller chance than they used to, be interested to see how that plays out. (Approve of the bigger impact faith has because of it though, just not sure if the amount of chances should be doubled as you only effectively get 1/6 extra chance per level of faith of doing the thing you wanted.)
5) Definitely approve of the skills changing up when you pick a class! Also approve of the ability levelling forcing you to either level for a gamble on a high damage (and presumably, for a high-faith gambit) or else a much better distributed but weaker all-rounder.
6) 'All Claw abilities get worse with each use' could use a little refining: 'worse' as in 'do more damage' or 'do less damage'?
7) What do you mean you got rid of the irritating camera zooms? :s (after waiting a minute and a half for it to decide whether it should zoom or not, then having it zoom regardless and lock out my camera controls when a disciple had an event they wanted my attention for)
8) Still a looooong wait while you hang about for your Disciple to get into position for the camera to zoom in and tell you what's happening too.
9) For a War commandment, it seems a bit excessive to 'Slay the peaceful elders' as your objective. I mean, no one wants to be labelled as a bad guy just cause they want to bully and kill old people! :p (Mainly compared to the Peace objective). 'Conquer' instead of 'Slay' maybe?
10) Esc button doesn't close/exit some windows, but does others. The main one's the inspiring disciples window that it doesn't. Being forced to use the mouse and not a keyboard shortcut is a bit annoying.
11) Long pauses when you push the end day button. Not sure why - and the rotating sun/moon circles without the day/night cycle changing at all.
12) Inspirations being the new economy is all well and good, but they seem to run out after only a day or so. Not sure if it's balanced yet, but it feels like you really have to work hard to keep your disciples training, whereas the previous patch felt like the right mix of duration with the different moods.
Eh, getting to grips with it now. Will see how it goes.
13) I liked the design of the Gardens, though I agree on removing the practicality of it and having everyone heal over time naturally. Hope it comes back as something else though! *I see you did! :D *
14) I love the world-map design changes, very pretty and practical. Not entirely sure about some of those difficulty gradings though: 3 skulls in a single fight /= a 2 skull difficulty overall in my opinion. I think the area skull indicator should be a guide for how good your team should be to go there rather than an overall 'to finish this you need', given that (almost) all the places you can go stay in whatever state you leave them: it might have 6 fights, but if they're all 1 Skull ones, not sure why it'd be rated as a 2/3 skull one, for example given that you can (and actually should!) keep returning there. *(see below)*
15) Also not totally sure about Inspirations for the first Sacrament of each trip either - given the limited map size and number of Sacraments in total, it's effectively penalising anyone who does more than one Sacrament per day. (and breaks up the flow of the game too - you have to do 1 (or more) sacraments, inspire everyone, wait for jobs to all end, then repeat, rather than getting into a steady flow of mixing them all round and carefully timing your sacraments as we were before): it has the effect of forcing you to 'pass' on most inspirations until you can do them all as well as forcing just one sacrament a day. *It has since been revealed to me that one of the nodes is repeatable if all you need is inspirations and that many of the later nodes have to be completed all-in-one.*

More to come, but initial thoughts as above :p
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Today I played my first 2 games of Godhood. It's definitely enternaining even in this early state, and I see lots of potential here. Here are random thoughts of a person who didn't participate in alpha, but watched alpha streams. Today I played with lust and peace.


1) Notes on your religion made by your disciples at the start of the game. "Can't use my axey anymore" is hillarious :)
2) Sacrament concept. I doubted that a fight you have no control of could be interesting - but it is!
3) Potential for crazy synergies and combos in your parties. Reaction abilities are a big part of it. I spent about 6 hours on a game today and would be happy to research these combos tomorrow, even given the limited amount of content we have now. That's what they call replayability ;)


1) Firstly, the most dissapointing thing for me. In Godhood alpha streams there were points when your disciples debated about the importance of tenets and by resolving debate you could push your religion in some direction. This occasion showed that religion matters for your followers. Is it scraped completely or temporary?

2) As an addition to previous note I feel that I have too much control for an indirect control strategy game. Shouldn't disciples have a mind of their own? Shouldn't they do something else than lazing around when you don't demand something from them? I see how current miracle system thematically breaks what was shown in streams, but consider the following approach: Disciple may go to the miracle cite himself, and at some point may or may not ask for your help - then you may resolve the issue for free (cause you didn't inspire the guy to go there), but you also have an option of ignoring it if a miracle at hand is just a waste of slot. Inspiration tokens could be made a bit more rare then.

All in all, regarding these points, I'm surprised the game doesn't feel like indirect control one. More like classic economical strategy: send the guys to gather resources, then other resources to upgrade the guy in order to gain more resources in the next sacrament. IMO - more resources means less life in the game. The world should be self-sufficient, all your guys should be self-sufficient. BUT, performing better with your guidance. And I should point out now that it's just a feeling, I don't know how to balance the lack of control and control in order to make a player feel like he's a god, not a puppeteer. If I knew I would be making my own game with blackjack and you-know-who, but I hope you guys know what to do :)

3) Special resource for gaining ability points. On one hand it obviously makes it easier to control the flow of the game. But it seems superficial (isn't experience enough?) and its scarcity makes one screw up hard. Call me munchkin if you'd like, but I want to have a chance to upgrade a bit more if I just can't beat the challenge at hand given my resources. At least, an option to retrain given disciple would be nice, but not enough, IMO.

And yeah. again, finding resources doesn't feel godly. Here's a place to apply your godly powers - teach a disciple to perform miraclous songs, or make grass move, but no, it's a freaking stone that teaches this stuff.

At this point I finish my speech, but I definitely will add something...and post some bugs that didn't crash the game.

And BTW, who knows what dedication to Lust does to a sacrament? What is it "attracted"?


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And BTW, who knows what dedication to Lust does to a sacrament? What is it "attracted"?
Dedication to Lust gives the buffs/debuffs listed - if you instead dedicate it to just 'Victory', you see another option. Several times the devs have mentioned having multiple different commandments - I'd assume this is a preliminary for being able to switch between which you want to use for a Sacrament at any given time - just we only have the one (and the base, crappy one that's basically there in case you've somehow got War/Peace and completely Peaceful/Warlike disciples and need a win)

'Attracted' is visible on the character screens - they can be attracted to masculine, feminine, both or neither. Of course, currently you can't actually see enemy ones currently, and it's only mentioned in a few of the Lust abilities that you get later, but the main effect is that Divine/Nature (iirc) damage dealt to someone attracted to them is increased for Lust religions.

Currently Attractions are randomly selected and can be changed at will on your own disciples, but they mentioned in the Stream that in the actual game, you won't be able to switch those around for an individual after they're made, and I'd assume there'll be more stuff for finding out/changing/using enemy attractions (or your own!) - probably focused on Lust/Chastity religions.

**Edit: I've posted a thread for obscure terminology used in-game to help players out during Beta and point out where things should be updated for the Devs https://community.abbeygames.com/threads/somewhat-obscure-terms-references-in-the-game-without-clear-explanations.136/ **
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Abbey Games Developer
Wooo! Thanks a lot for the early feedback! Good to see most things are going fairly smoothly!

1) Firstly, the most dissapointing thing for me. In Godhood alpha streams there were points when your disciples debated about the importance of tenets and by resolving debate you could push your religion in some direction. This occasion showed that religion matters for your followers. Is it scraped completely or temporary?
Yes, sadly, we removed it entirely. :( There is a reason to remove the debate, and a reason to remove those kind of events. The reason to remove the debate is that it's fun to make that choice about the tenet once, but making it over and over felt really jarring. It's actually quite a big choice, and breaking it down in smaller choices made no sense and only slowed things down. The reason to remove the kind of "animated events" (for now) is because they're actually pretty hard to make and more importantly, slowed down the game. A lot. You would have to wait 2 to 8 seconds for a dude to get into the right position to fire the event. It's something we would like to fix, but there are more things to do too!

To explain my designer-thoughts for this update (forgive me):
We were having real trouble with dealing with the value of time in the game. I'm totally ok with a game where things happen on their own, but only if time has value. For example, in a city builder it's ok that someone keeps on collecting wood because:

a) The wood runs out eventually, or you create pollution (Wrenching: your chain breaks down and you need to take action)
b) Enemies might come attack you in a giving time. (Pressure: You need to be effective with the resources you have)

We dabbled in both terrains a bit in previous versions: Enemies attacking your Holy Site, needs from the Holy Site. However, none really stuck. I think it's because the game is fundamentally about your Disciples. Anything that happens, should be triggered by them performing in a Sacrament or something that Disciples want. In this version we removed a lot of things that took time too seriously (only inspiring one Disciple per day for example, or prayers needed to be answered in time) so we could nail down that Sacrament part. We also tried it to make it a little bit easier for us to introduce moments for the disciple to do things by themselves. In previous builds they would go to the farm randomly to gain a 10% progress to a miracle or something, but that was just bad. Nobody noticed, and it made a character a mess of progress bars.

Now it would make a lot of sense if a disciple would gather offerings by themselves, even if it's a lot less than when you use an inspiration. To really make this work we would need:
  1. A little bit of time pressure (end of the game coming? enemies? disciple's aging?)
  2. Some time to make this work feedback wise.
  3. Character traits, so characters can act more like wrenches too.
It's definitely something I would like to improve, but it's also one of the hardest things to get right! I'm looking a bit at Rimworld for inspiration, since it walks the fine line of control and lack of control quite nicely for it's context. Let's see how far we can go and how lucky we get. ;)


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  1. A little bit of time pressure (end of the game coming? enemies? disciple's aging?)
  2. Some time to make this work feedback wise.
  3. Character traits, so characters can act more like wrenches too.
Regarding 1: I like the idea of the Disciples' ageing being the limiting factor - they'll build up in power and complexity, but they have the limit of a lifespan to reach their full potential. That takes the pressure off the player more than an end of game event or enemy attacks: it makes the timer more personal to the individual disciples.

Downsides? It'll hurt when you lose one to old age. That's fine so long as you're attached enough to your religion and your other disciples, but if it cripples you completely, would be a rage-quit moment :p

Enemy attacks is also an option, though it risks people turtleing up (Sorry Turtlepus) but has the downside that you have to have a much firmer balance across the game to keep it both challenging enough and not too difficult. Games with this as their controlling factor tend to end up a war of attrition.

End of the Game time limits I'm least keen on myself - They work well in games like Reus, where it's the one and only big limitation - sure, you may hit issues like danger or greed, but ultimately you can mess with those as much as you like to get it right: it's the time limit that really forces you to get good with the game.

In Godhood doing that would take that emphasis back off the Disciples and return it to the deity/religion. That could work, but given the effort made with the mental states of your Disciples, the Faith and the lack of direct control in Sacraments (and over your villagers, etc), it feels like that's back-tracking.

Regarding 2: Fair enough!

Regarding 3: Yes please! More individuality to the Disciples would be fantastic - quirks that may force you to try something a bit different with them so they fit into your blossoming religion or tweaking the religion to suit all your followers better is where the big attraction is!


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A few more general balance things:

1. Broken debuff: -10 faith is a lot. Even more so when it's permanent. Even more so if the Disciple in question has low defence stats and always goes down. I've reached the point with one where he can't ever actually do anything in town because of it. Which then stacks another faith loss debuff of -5. My only way to deal with this is wait passively not doing anything and hope he asks for a Sacrament to bolster his faith. If he asks for guidance, I think he's permanently screwed.

On the subject of low faith...
2. Faith Bonds: Having three seems a bit pointless. I lost two one after another on the same night cause apparently he triggered it twice (I chose Smite both times) and frankly, if you're at the point of losing them, you're gonna lose them all anyway. Given that the main methods to gain faith are wishes from the Disciples (50/50 if it's the Sacrament one) and everything else requires successes in town jobs, the debuff for low faith makes it impossible to get anywhere once it's dropped too low. Could I please just replace this loser already? :p


3. Prayer for Guidance: 3 inspirations is a hell of a lot if that's the new economy. Granted, currently you can get as many as you like with the infinite node, but still. In addition, it takes *forever* now that you can't just keep reinspiring them between the village fire and the gardens - everything else is costly or unlocked later. You could break the job cycle by taking them on a Sacrament... but then you're going to a Sacrament with a heavy debuff - it feels rough.

4. Losing the Game: it's hard to lose the game. You can only really do it intentionally by choosing the 'Loses Godhood' option when a Disciple leaves you. Repeatedly. Doesn't mean there aren't times I'd rather I was forced to go 'Nope, game over' given that I know the only way to recover/progress is grind out levels/inspirations/jobs until I'm done. Can you make it easier to lose please? :p

5. False Economy Advertising: Despite earlier suggestions that Inspirations are the economy of the game, it's actually Sky Stones :p They give you abilities and are extremely limited in supply. Inspirations, however, are infinite. Currency requires both limited supply and demand to function :p
(Also means that should you lose a Disciple to poor faith who used a Sky Stone, you're borked forever)

6. Grinding the Campfire: Given infinite Inspirations and the campfire buff, clearly it's the best strategy to farm both: Inspirations so you can keep doing the campfire, the campfire to upgrade your religion and increase your buff for other miracles. If you don't, you're more likely to get far worse moods for the miracle actions... so you should always max out your campfire buffs before sending Disciples to do Miracles. Meaning you have to grind for best strategy. Ick. Also note the amount of good mood bonuses compared to bad ones (above) - that's 3/4 faith vs less than 1/4 of... unfaith(?). Unfaith clearly gives worse disadvantages.
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7. Lust: Lust is weird. Instead of a class specific skill on your prophet, you get a Lust ability. It's both better and worse than the other two: Better, cause it's a level 2 starting ability instead of level 1. Worse cause it replaces a Weaver's dark ability. Weavers need their dark, it's why they're there. Without it, you'd be much better off starting with a Druid. That's not to say that Weavers suck currently - they're great, and they're even better if you've got both a life and a Dark ability on them. But that will also burn your first Sky Stone, so Lust doesn't get the option of really testing out classes... which should be their main advantage, given that they are the only Commandment who isn't limited to either Physical or Morale damage abilities.

Secondly, Lust's Sacrament bonus is terrible. I mean, it works a treat, but you never know it's actually doing anything unless you're calculating all the numbers, and even then, you never know when it'll trigger. Not to mention, having just got out of the Peace/War trap of limiting disciple classes... you suddenly have to have them using only 2 elements for maximum damage too. Ouch. That's actually even more limiting - it cripples a lot of classes. Stoppit :p

8. Stat Choices: The choices between different stats for your buildings (Spiritual Thirst and First Hunger rewards) is waaaay too limiting.

I get the feeling that the options given should be different jobs in those buildings so you can improve any stats as relevant to your classes rather than a one-off choice you're stuck with for the whole game. There's no classes that don't use all the stats in some way. The only exception is for pure damage stats - and they'll be using one of those at the minimum, so unless you want to lock out half the classes (which War/Peace already does!), don't make us pick which stat to drop!


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See 1 and 2 above for why permanent bad debuffs are a problem. This happened entirely because of the background 'Nature's Child'. (All those backgrounds which add extra chance to screw up are just bad/reset-worthy!)

On which subject,
10. Starting Backgrounds: They're still waaaaay too much of a decider in who you go for and unbalanced. If you're playing without reseting bad options, you never take the ones mentioned immediately above. (Resets are bad to encourage. Don't do it!) And as for the rest? If you get 3 options, of which 1 has a 'good' (bright glowy) background in your set of coming-of-age Disciples, you will basically always want that one regardless.

If it gives a permanent faith boost, you're laughing. It's ridiculously OP. Not to mention that those also give an incremental stat boost as you level too. They're stupidly good.
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After playing the new beta on two occasions, these are my impressions.

The good:

1. I liked the new way to depict time, with waiting and continuing.

2. I also liked that (most) buildings just autobuilds, since it does not matter where they are build anyway.

3. The new mission map with unique rewards feels like a big improvement.

The bad:

1. Still way too limited gameplay. You have so little to do, and have to go on missions all the time just to do two more things before having to go on a mission again, because yet again you ran out of inspirations, because...

2. Too sparse resources. The inspirations you get from missions are too few, especially since you need a lot of them to do anything meaningful, and you need inspirations to gather other resources, and when you have those you also need inspirations to use the other resources. I would much more like it if some actions did not need limited resources to use, or if some resources was automatically gathered by uninspired disciples.

3. When I got my second new disciple in a "coming of age" event, and thus would have five characters in the roster, my main one, the one with the prophet promotion, just vanishes from the game. Is this intended? I did NOT like it, and just quit the game. I assume this was due to a bug, because otherwise why even bother with developing the character? Just put all upgrades on the others?

4. Sadly, the game does not feel rewarding, or fun, at the moment. It takes too long a time to do so little and in the end you just roll dice to see if you win or lose the sacraments, and if you loose, no big deal, just heal up and try again. In renowned explorers, your choises mattered, but here you seem to have unlimited time with no real opposition.


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Well played again! Not such a walk in the park as the Smites were, but plenty of fun to be had :p (Lust religion this time)


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Knew I could beat the toughest fight in one round. (and with only 1 Disciple chaining. It was a lot of chaining, but still) :p

Also finally got a build I liked with Beasties in :p
(12 years, 2 days. Could've been quicker, but was enjoying it)


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I agree with Blackvision in that the Talents are totally unbalanced. If I play a war god, any talent that gives any mental ability a waste, and are sometimes downright detrimental. Also, any talent that gives negative thoughts feel bad in my opinion; even if they might actually be good, they don't feel like they are.

I mean, why would someone with a talent for mental activities become the prophet for a war god, whom shuns disciples that use words as weapons? What use is the Charisma attribute to a war god?

Suggestions: Let the god guide the prophet (by which I mean the first disciple), deciding what starting talent it gets from a list fitting the god. Get rid of any talent that grows over time (they are too good compared to others) and any that gives negative thoughts (they don't feel fun using). Not all talents need change the attributes of the character: some should give passive abilities, or bonuses when using a particular building, and so on. Avoid any downsides, and only give talents that fit the god whom the disciple will worship. Also, it would be nice to start with an extra disciple, so you don't need to use all of them all the time in the beginning. And, as I wrote before, give the player more to do at the start of the game.


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I don't mind bad options if they have an upside too or if it's for RNG to allow for some good ones... but if it's that, you need to make resetting those options completely impossible. Reloading a save prior to getting them to change your disciple options? Bad. Restarting the game until you get a good starting bunch of Disciples? Bad.

If that means your starting bunch has a different, narrower set they can random between (with too good/too bad removed), I'm ok with that - or even if you force one good, one bad, that's better (so long as they're equally good/bad for all teams, otherwise you're in the same situation with tons of resets).


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Building miracles:
Slight issue. Some miracles - like Prayer (or their super versions, anyway) give +faith. That's a ridiculous bonus. Please remove (at the same as you remove the debuffs being permanent, sooooo overpowered. Means you can quite easily (especially with resets! Grr!) get disciples with very high faith so you're pretty sure they'll trigger the abilities you want them to in Sacraments and reliably get the best town results - especially when you stack a few of the campfire buffs up.
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Running Notes of my first three hours. I've conquered most of the lawless lands and the first Colel Cab district. I am in Year 5, day 2, and have just reached Godhood level 2.
I'm happy, there hasn't been a single crash so far!

  1. On the start-screen / main menu, on my 3440x1440 screen, the background and transparant layers don't reach all the way to the right side of the screen, leaving a black bar and ugly sharp edges (See attached screenshot)
    1. God Level Up screen is also cropped, both on left and right side. The sidebars are filled with a watery texture.
  2. Probably due to my untypical monitor resolution, I see artifacts along the edges of some sprites:
    These are always a single pixel in width, and stretch along either the entire edge, or most of the edge, of the sprite.
    The colour seems to be that of the sprites pixels along that edge (but the entire line is one colour)
    1. On the "new game" > "god customisation" screen ("and you are..."), the "back" button, along the top
    2. "Charisma" Tooltip mini-icon has a pixel-wide artifact along the right.
  3. Text oopsies:
    1. Passive ability: "Defy when Awe is critical" says: "+0.5 <Unknown Macro 'TeamHPMul'>"
    2. Town square Upgrade conditions unfinished: "Godlevel GreaterEqual 2"
    3. Greater Guardian ability tooltip: "<god> give me fortitude ..."
    4. New God Action "Inspire Temple of Lust" has wrong tooltip?
      "Gives the war priest miracle, which improves a Disciple's Might and Cunning" sounds war-ish
    5. Choose tenet confirmation:
      For Lust (maybe others too), upon clicking your first tenet, the "are you sure you want <Fertility/Pleasure/Passion> to be a tenet of your religion", the "your religion" part is broken to a new line, partially obscured by the OK/Cancel buttons.
  4. On the god customisation screen, in the textboxes you cannot select text to replace the entire default value at once
    (I instinctively do "Shift+Home", but "Shift+arrow" also doesn't work, it only moves)
    1. same for the savegame name textbox
  5. Jarring: when starting a new game, the intro text before your first sacrament has the Old City as location, but in the background you already have your tiny, dumpy village. After losing the first Sacrament, you are already encouraged to "Inspire a disciple to do a job"
    The whole "Exodus" has not yet happened, so the village technically doesn't exist yet.
    Some kind of Old City background would be nicer here.
  6. + I really like the sketchy, "cave painting" style illustrations of the origin story!
  7. World mapping UI has improved massively compared to 0.7! Compliments!
    1. Disciples are pre-chosen from the Mission selection for Sacraments, less redundant clicking! :-D
    2. So many more feedback on why the start-sacrament button is still inactive (select 3 disciples, choose 3 inspirations)
    3. My disciples are constantly cheering for me (text popups next to portraits)
  8. During Disciple customisation, you can unselect both "attracted to" checkboxes, leading to a-sexual disciples.
    Is this intentional? Because it'll make you immune to some Lust special effects such as Righteous Flirt.
  9. The "Film Grain" graphical effect looks really nice, but it still has a downward scrolling motion to it. This is most visible at night, in darker areas.
    Without, the Vignette effect has banding (similar to how 16 bit colours look on a 256 colour monitor), so I prefer to leave it on, despite the motion.
  10. When saving the game, text boxes for save names behave oddly on "special" characters (such as "." or "-"), these are apparently not allowed?
    You cannot type them, but the keypress still advances the cursor if the cursor is not at the final position.
    The forbidden-character filtering also seems to be imperfect: at some point I was able to actually insert a ".", but it was replaced upon typing the next character.
  11. WASD scroll the village map, but arrow keys don't? (And edge scrolling is also gone?)
  12. When assigning a disciple a job, I appreciate there is now an extra confirmation-click ("so be it") after the obedience-level is rolled. It is good that you can explore the effects of the roll.
  13. It seems I cannot permanently conquer "Teal, village of lawless rage" (the two-skull, right-right from my own village).
    I've lost the (only) sacrament the first go, but have now defeated it twice. I get inspirations, but the village remains in the hands of the enemy god.
    Is that intended (maybe for inspiration-farming?), or should I be able to permanently acquire it?

And a random idea I've been having: I really like the "divine zoom out" for making god decisions: it really represents the godly superiority of these big moral decisions, which are solely for us higher beings.
I feel that the "opposite" of these are the sacraments, where our disciples down on earth use their own initiative to fight on our behalf. Therefore, when starting a sacrament, there should be a mirrored "mortal zoom in" effect. This already happens a little when starting a mission, but I feel a further zoom-in into the arena would fit even more (instead of the current scene-switch loading screen, after the "start sacrament" button)