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BIG ISSUE: Autosaves changing miracles


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Hi! Yesterday I had an issue involving autosave and miracles.

I was playing with a disciple I called Sharon and she made that "Purification Baptism (or something alike)" miracle to enhance her Health and Devotion development power.

After that, a mission later I think, I activated the god action "Holy Judge" when I meant to activate another one. Decided to get to the autosave to activate the correct action.

Because of a combination of XP booster and sacraments, Sharon was ready to do her next miracle right after the next mission.

That was when I realized that I could do the "Baptism" miracle again. Then I looked at her screen and saw that her previous miracle appeared like a Cunning one, but I didn't even develop her cunning!

Not much time later I realized that the same happened to another disciple, Gisley. She could do another "Baptism" miracle because her first was changed to a normal Devotion miracle.

I don't know exactly what happened in terms of development power but I think it's a big issue, depending on its effects, gamebreaking even.

Screenshots attached.View attachment MiracleBug.zip

Please be aware and if possible, patch it asap!
Thank you for your attention