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Black Screen after Black Screen


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Hello everyone! I recently got Reus from Amazom Prime Games. The first time i tryed to play everything seens to run fine just some visual glitches here and there, nothing to worry about. But the time e rebooted my machine the game wont start proprely. The game start with the sound and custom mouse cursor but the only thing i can see on the screen is a sad black screen. I already tryed every solution on this post: https://forums.abbeygames.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=663 nothing seens to work. For i can see everything on my pc is uptodate. I have 4GB RAM and a i7 3.40GHz Processor. Thanks for the help!
Btw, i dint get any crash soo i think no crash files :/
(Sorry for my poor eng isnt my main language)