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Boss on Generosity/Lust Island2 design Unbalanced against morale teams?


I have repeatedly found the second-part boss on the generosity island 2 difficult to beat, when running an all-morale team. Playing on hard, not impossible.
It's odd, because with this kind of morale team setup I'm doing well on all other bosses/nodes (often with 2 martyrdom). But this boss design seems disproportionately TANKY.
Especially when the main enemy/Cook's debuff affects physical classes, so you don't expect such a challenge for morale teams.

I think thr typeless AoE disciple (the "weakest") has too much morale armor; there's no good opening to do morale damage, and the match goes into the 3rd/4th turn. The zealot gets many turns because of blessing/crits combos from the same Aoe disciple, and by the 3/4th turn they convert too many.
Even with a Druid who can counter the zealot, I can't seem to put out enough morale damage to end the match quicker. Druids are not usually built for damage, but the typeless guy tanks so much that there's no other good way to do damage!

I think that 3rd disciple should have lower armor. Let the zealot follow up often, but don't make their team so tanky! The cook should be the most dangerous enemy, not the other2 comboing each other.

In the current state I can only reliably beat this boss with many defy dreams, to negate the Aoe-crit combo. Feels cheatsy, specially when the team is doing solid everywhere else.


Good point! I lowered the defenses of the AoE Disciple!
Hey Adriaan, sounds good!

Maybe consider a similar tweak on the "3rd wheel" disciple in the Lust island Boss? That one tends to intercept/defy attacks too well, has higher knowledge than the 2 lust priests!

Maybe these bosses are currently better designed against physical teams...?


Dear Balance Gods! "Third Wheel" on the Lust Island still intercepts and defies too hard!! o_O
Real pain to go up against with morale teams.
Sacrament screen says "Blessed" matchup, but you can't touch the LustPriests without AoE attacks!
Please nerf the Thirdwheel, like you did with the Generosity island?
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Good point! I lowered the defenses of the AoE Disciple!
Wait Adriaan… I played this boss again with a different morale team (purity instead of peace). It's still very unbalanced.

They do a combo:
1. Zealot casts Blessing, raises crit chance.
2. Cook casts split meal, buffs AoE guy with 40% extra morale damage.
3. AoE guy attacks, crits (he has 3 chances to crit).
4. Zealot FOLLOWS UP on the crit because of her passive!
All this damage in 1 move, WITHOUT the cook (main opponent) even casting his strongest move! Right now the cook is the LEAST threatening enemy.

1. Easy- nerf Aoe guy's damage, bring charisma below 20 (make it 15 or less, he gets extra crit chance from zealot).
2. More serious- remove Aoe attacks and/or remove zealot's folloow-up passive.

I would be happy if solution 1 works...
I consider it balanced if I can win with 1 martyrdom WITHOUT defy dreams.
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