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Brief introduction/explanation of Godhood



Welcome, new gods. Come on over and absorb some of the stories told around the campfires of this world.
You might increase your knowledge and devotion to your Godhood!

As a mighty god, you know what is right and where other gods sin. Without a direct manifestation in this world,
you are dependent on your disciples to spread your word to all heritics, gaining you more followers on the way.
Your ultimate goal in this world is to either reach the end of time (100-200-400 turns, as preset), reach level 10 as a god
or win the final battle, located all the way to the north of the world map.
(after that, you might want to try and reincarnate as an other godly being and experiment with different values or strategies).

Your disciples fight for you in sacraments. Once these start there is no way for you to influence them.
Before they start, you can pick your best suited three disciples though.
Each disciple has a certain class which belongs to one of the five elements in Godhood.
Picking the disciples with the right elements to counter your foes goes a long way towards winning your sacraments.
The order in which you place your disciples matters as well, as the one on top will act first, and so on.
Strategize well, knowing this.


You win a sacrament by depleting your opponents Awe points, presented by a bar of green blocks in the top of the sacrament screen.
Your number of awe points will grow (only slightly) as you level up as a god. You start each sacrament with a full number of Awe points.
Any kind of damage (either physical or morale damage) that your disciples inflict on your oppponents' disciples will be deducted from these Awe points.
Don't be confused with the small health bars over you disciple's heads, this is their spirit, which will have them break and leave a fight if it is depleted.
There is a whole world of attacks, defences, counters, triggers and abilities with many interlocking possiblities for you to discover on the sacramental fields. There is no need to fully understand all stats while witnessing your first sacraments.
You will however need a squad of carefully picked and well trained disciples to advance in this world!


This further training of your disciples takes place in your village.
You will want to make sure your disciples have enough faith in you before anything else.
When your disciples are 'happy' or even 'ecstatic' in their faith, they have better chances to perform better.
You can click 'Command job', one of your disciples and your holy site center in a row to have a disciple perform a ritual there when faith is low.
This will raise this disciple's faith (+10, stacks twice) for a number of turns.
In time, you will implement more rituals, gaining you more resources to develop your village.
You will need to win a Sacrament battle before you actually receive any new resources,
because only Tribute sanctified by a Sacrament can be used in your godly village.
Note that most rituals have the option to upgrade them to perform even better.
There are places on the worldmap (and higher class buildings) that will give you the oppurtunity to fashion relics to enhance your disciples as well.
In general, a relic fashioned ("blessed") by a certain class of disciples is better suited to usefully enhance their stats.
You will also come across Sky Shards when discovering more of this world.
Be aware that these are consumables, that enhance a disciple's abilities- but only once.
As it is highly unlikely that your prophet (first disciple) will live long enough to see your victory in this world,
you might want to keep these save to use on a later generation of disciples.

There are three seasons (turns in your village screen) every tropical year in Godhood.
You can only inspire three disciples each season, as walking around your village on their two little legs will inexcusably take some time.
Make sure you use all three actions available to you each turn...
Both picking a new sacrament to fight or ending the turn lets time roll by and start a new season afterwards.
Don't focus on your general followers too much, you will gain more by winning sacraments
and by having your disciples perform rituals at your holy site, helping you advance to the next god level. Instead, focus on your disciples!


Disciples, like all puny humans, do have a limited lifespan. After about 45 years they grow old and weak and you will want to replace them.
Luckily for you, by that time, more initiates can be summoned. Stronger ones, who develop faster, will tend to find you when your following grows larger.
A disciple can perform exactly and only four miracles in his lifetime.
When performing a miracle, the disciple basicly levels up and has a good chance to gain better stats, attacks and abilities.
You will want to make these miracles count. Each miracle building and each disciple class focuses on roughly two stats.
You will want to match these, training the right class at the right miracle site
(mouseover a disciple's stats in the disciple overview to see which ones are most important to his class).
Have your miracle site as powerfull as possible, with upgrades, (collectable) relics and (unlockable) statues to improve your miracle's stats.
Don't perform a miracle when a disciple's faith is neutral or lower. You will end up with multiple miracle sites when your village grows larger.
Gaining experience in sacraments will charge your disciple's next miracle.
Note that some nodes in the world map cannot be conquered, but are repeatable fights that are great for some easy experience gaining.

This should be enough to get you started conquering and enjoying Godhood! ;)

This post was last updated in august 2019 and is based on version 0.13.20 (Early Access Will of the People Update).

There is a lot more information available on the forum, for example in the Newbie FAQ.
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I'd have waited until we knew with more certainty what will be part of the game and what won't though ;)
Yeah that would've made sense as well. Can always update it. Just felt new gamers could use an explanation like this (I know I could have), so hope this helps some one out there... :D

Hope it all is correct and without too obvious language errors?