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Bug? Avoid the 3 disciples limit


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Because I really want to be liked, I decided that my first post would consist in reporting a possible exploit;)

I had a quick look and haven't seen it reported yet, please disregard if it is already known:
You can inspire up to 3 disciples per turn. If you try to inspire a fourth, the game will let you click "inspire", choose a disciple and will tell you it is not possible when you try to click on a ritual (e.g. the tavern or the storyteller).

Well instead of choosing the ritual on the map directly as a last step, click on it in the ritual list on the right of the screen and voilà, you are able to inspire a fourth one for this turn. Rinse and repeat to inspire everybody each turn.
I have a save if not everyone is affected, I haven't tried it in a new game yet but in the current one it seems to work every time.

If this is indeed a bug, maybe it would be easier to gray out the "inspire" button as soon as the limit is reached?

PS: sorry for all who were having a blast ignoring the limit :whistle:


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I just tested this on two of my saves and I wasn't able to reproduce it. It popped up some red text stating the 3 disciple limit. Maybe they fixed it already?


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I just tried it again on a newer version and you're right, it doesn't work anymore indeed, looks like they fixed it!