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Hello Abbey Games team!

First off, thank you for making this awesome game! I'm enjoying it a lot and hope to see more development on Reus in the near future. Although it's running mostly fine, there are some bugs I'd like to report.

  • The Ocean Giant's speed buff stacks multiple times on the same giant, granting it ridiculous speed. I doubt this is intended.
  • When a giant is in the process of placing a resource, applying an aspect, or relocating a resource (Forest Giant) on a tile, and meanwhile humans build a project on that tile, the giant freezes in place and cannot perform any actions until the game has been saved and reloaded.
  • The Forest Giant's relocation feature (picking up plants etc.) is completely non-functional. Instead of a visual display of the picked-up plant, there is just a question mark in a bubble. The Forest Giant seems to become faster from it rather than slower, and he cannot place that plant anywhere. I tried all biomes.
  • Something that "bugs" me but isn't actually a bug: there are a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes in info texts but I haven't noted down any particular ones. Not important but maybe you still want that to get checked some time.
I hope this helps. Will post again if I find more.