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Bug when filling up the Religion Development screen


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I bought all the abilities in the first and second religion development screen (even the one or two I didn't want when I was forced to) and then I filled up the bar for another development.
There was nothing to buy, but the game would not allow me to proceed until I purchased something.

Some of the abilities looked like they were allowing me to purchase them a second time (even ones that obviously wouldn't stack or would have no benifit if they did, e.g. Brothel) so I tried buying one a second time thinking that perhaps that would count as a purchase and let me progress, even if it wasted all my points. Sadly, it did not. It took the points and then did not count as a purchase so now I cannot proceed until I 'purchase a development'. Sadly, I have neither points to buy anything or anything to spend them on even if I did.

Ah well, one gets that sort of thing with early access. I will just have to start again and try out a different religion :).


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I've had this bug as well, it's quite annoying and I'll put it on my fix-list for this week.

Thanks for reporting!