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Bug with the Temple miracles (+ other minor bugs)


I was very happy to see the "wondrous miracle" bug fixed in the Live version of Newfound Shores, but unfortunately it seems there's a similar bug with the Temple of Passion (and maybe others, this is my first game on the live patch). I bought both of the 500-minerals upgrades just to be sure, but my disciples still only get +4/+4 from the miracle they've performed there. Adding a statue did not work either. In addition, the upgrade menu looks weird for that building, everything is on the right instead of being in two different columns like how I remember the other Temples in the beta.
Edit: Same happened with the Temple of Secrecy from the Madness commandment, so either something is wrong on my end or it's a bug for Temple miracles in general. Already tried validating game files via Steam but no error detected.

Also small thing, more of a UI issue than a proper bug: when you level up a Disciple, the green stat increases are those of the basic miracle even if you have improved it. E.g. +2/+1 for a wondrous miracle eventhough the description says it's +4/+1. As far as I can tell the Disciples are still getting the full benefit of the improved miracles but it makes that screen pretty confusing.
Edit: Seems to be more complicated than that actually, see next screenshot. It shows +2 Devotion, which is more than what the base miracle would have given (zero) but still less than what the disciple is getting (+3). I'm now much more confused about what these green numbers are supposed to mean.

Also also, very small thing: the Songsmith's skill "Tune of Life" has been renamed to "Beauty of Life"... but only for the first level. The upgrades are still called "Tune of Life+" and "Tune of Life++".


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