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Bugs still in the game


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Nice to see several things fixed in so little time, so lets point out some bugs still out there

1) When you craft a relic, you can immediately try to give it to a disciple. If you do,you can't finish the action, and all destined missions disappear. You can still click them, and when you're back to the city screen, the window prompts to give the relic. It is quite strange.

2) How much defense the Fasting (chastity) tradition gives? +5 or +10?


3) I can't pick higher level upgrades, even though I have over 700 materials. I can pick higher level upgrades on other miracle buildings


4) I don't think nature has advantage over nature


5) I don't think Rally abilities are in the game anymore.


EDIT: Not a bug, but a balance thought. Upon playing the full game with all commandments (of which the strongest were War and Generosity for sure), I think the physical/morale sides are more balanced than I first thought. Morale still feels stronger, but that may be because when you get older, your physical disciples get weaker and your morale disciples get stronger. Going ASAP for new initiate power is a must, as is choosing one miracle place (especially might or charisma), buffing the hell out of it, and giving it to all disciples.
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Only the specific case of a druid vs another nature disciple. It may be because the druid got a passive that makes it resistant to nature. It does not happen when other disciples with resistance fight each other.