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Can't see the continue button


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Really nice game, love the art style and the music. The game play is simple but enjoyable nonetheless, there is just one teeny tiny problem i'm experiencing later on in the game: When I try to recruit new followers (the ones that you use in fights) i can't seem too click continue (since i can't actually see the button) that part of the screen is cropped out, i imagine it's because my screen is too small?? don't really know how to prevent this from happening :(


Abbey Games Developer
Oh no! It's because the UI grows wider if there's more upgrades in the disciple columns. We should probably make that wrap downwards. Thanks for reporting! :)


Abbey Games Developer
I've made a change that the Acolyte buff list scales more gracefully in all places they're shown. Thanks for reporting ZleepyPotato02. The change will be available in the next patch. At the latest this will be together with the Will of the People update on August 7.