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Challenge #159: Fishing with Earl


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Challenge #159: Fishing with Earl
Concept: Blackvision
Story: Pikminenco
Contributions from: Flamestalker, Pistax, Blackvision, Liort

Tagline : Earl goes fishing, and he adds a little bit of 'flair' to this age old activity

It is early morning in London. The daily life of many people has yet to start. Some explorers however are already up and about. Yu for instance is carrying a large amount of fireworks towards the lab and place it under Anna’s desk to pull a prank later that day. But he realises that he is not the only one that is already awake. Yu hears sounds coming from the equipment cabinets down the hall. He decides to take a small detour.

As Yu approaches the cabinets he sees equipment of all sorts being thrown out, ropes, gloves, safety manuals, you name it. Yu walks past the open door to find Earl causing all this mess.
‘’Earl, what are you doing up this early? And why here of all places?’’
Earl does not turn around and keeps throwing out equipment. ‘’I’m going fishing, but I can’t find a fishing rod that is strong enough.’’ Yu looks surprised.
‘’You? Fishing? Why that all of the sudden? He asks.
‘’Pinkerton said that I have to ease down a bit more. He said fishing always brings his mind to rest so maybe that works for me too. But Emilia said that you always have to make time for the things you love, which in my case are explosions. So I’m combining the two and am going bomb fishing!’’ he says. Yu, liking a good explosion himself, nods in approval. ‘’But how are you going to do that? Both those hobbies are miles apart.’’
‘’That’s why I need the strongest fishing rod we have, so that I can attach the explosives to the rod and catch the fish by blowing them out of the water!’’ A large smile appears on Yu’s face. ‘’That is an amazing idea! Screw pranking Anna, I can do that any other day. I am going to join you this morning.’’
‘’That is great, at least I won’t be lonely.’’ Earl says. He stops throwing equipment out of the cabinet and emerges with a large fishing rod in his hands. ‘’And even better, this rod will be perfect!’’
‘’But what are you going to do with the fish? I doubt they are still able to swim after you reel back the line.’’ Yu asks. Earl ponders for a moment.
‘’I haven’t thought of that yet, maybe we can catch a few and make breakfast out of it.’’ He says with a smile.

Out of nowhere an arm appears around Earl’s shoulder. ‘’Did somebody say breakfast?’’ a voice says.
Earl jumps out of fright and throws the arm from his shoulder. After turning around he sees that it was Kiwi’s arm. The rest of kiwi was also present, including a drool of mouth water hanging from her mouth.
‘’Kiwi, how are you awake at this hour?’’ Earl asks. Kiwi swipes away the drool from her mouth.
‘’I was scavenging the kitchen for leftovers when I suddenly heard somebody say breakfast. Can I go with you guys?’’ she asks. Earl and Yu look nervously at each other.
‘’I dunno.’’ Yu says. ‘’It is more of a ‘’guy’s’’ thing to do together.’’ He says.
‘’Let me go with you or I will tell Pinkerton that you were the one that made all this mess.’’ She says.
Earl looks even more frightened than before.
‘’Oh no! Then Pinkerton is going to make me clean it up! And that means I have to actually work like my Uncle!’’
Yu rolls his eyes. ‘’Alright you can come with us. Just don’t get yourself blown up.’’
Kiwi places her hand on her chest. ‘’Don’t worry, I’m an expert. I also know the perfect fishing spot to go explody fishing. Follow me!’’ she says while dragging Yu and Earl along.

  • Earl or Yu has to be captain, the other has to be a crewmember
  • Your third crewmember has to a Glutton*
  • Collect 'fishing/aquatic' and 'explosive' treasures for bonus points**
  • You must play on Adventure mode.
*Glutton is a hidden personality trait certain characters have, they are: Phillipe, Kiwi, Dolores and Jan-Piet,

**'Fishing/Aquatic' treasures: Clear Amber, Ammonite Fossil, Sea Sapphire, Dragon Head, Water of Life, King Crab, Roche's Anchor, Costly Ming, Dead Sea Scrolls, Colourful Fish

'Explosive' treasures: Will-o'-the-wisp, Alchemist's Flask, Hungarian Mix, Baba Yaga's Mortar and Pestle, Globus Cruciger

Your Score is your Renown + Bonus Points

You get 500 bonus points for each Fishing/Aquatic treasure you collected in your run
You get 1000 bonus points for each Explosive treasure you collected in your run

    • BRONZE: 4000 Points (1MP*)
    • SILVER: 9000 Points (2MP*)
    • GOLD: 16000 Points (3MP*)
    • PLATINUM: 21000 Points (3MP+**)
* Number of medal points awarded when playing on Classic Difficulty. Easy and Normal give less, according to these rules.
Gold and Platinum medals may only be achieved without losing, though Silver and Bronze are still possible to get with just the Record sheet for that trip.
** The platinum medal is extraordinary and can only be achieved on Classic or Impossible difficulty without losing. It doesn't increase Medal Points further than a Gold medal, but we will track how many you have.

How to participate
You can participate with a highscore, a story or both.

Write a story. Use the Challenge theme as an inspiration by looking at the constraints. Find other stories in the Fan Story directory or by looking at previous challenges.
Post your story in a new topic in these forums.
Also link to it to this thread with a comment: Include the first paragraph/few lines of your story in the post here to show readers what your story is about.

Play the game according to the challenge rules and in Adventure mode.
Post in this topic a screenshot of your Win Screen*, right after the ceremony or your Leaderboard record.* Also include a text version of your score with the submission to allow for error checking.
Submit by 12:00 noon CET, 20/06/2019(Or 06/20/2019 for those using MM/DD/YY)
(click here for your local time equivalent )
NOTE: Only one score will be accepted - only one submission for each player please. If you wish to enter a new score, please edit your initial entry and make it clear which score you are submitting, and add the word "EditGreenlight" to the entry so we can see immediately when the result needs updating.
*If you forget to screenshot the Win screen, you can also enter with a screenshot of your Leaderboards: Go to Main Menu > Leaderboards > Local > click the entry that matches your submission game > screenshot those details.

Game Version
Must be Build 522 or later

Story ideas: Where did they go fishing? How did the conversation between Pinkerton and Earl go? Did Kiwi find any interesting leftovers in the kitchen?

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