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Challenge #166: Face Value


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Challenge #166: Face Value
Concept: Noctua Spell
Story: Pikminenco
Contributions from: Pistax, Blackvision, Liort, Flamestalker, Noctua Spell, AbbeyRutger

Tagline : Financial turmoil hits once more! Smelt golden objects to pay off this debt!

Charles walks through the hallway of the society. As he approaches Pinkerton’s office a man with a suitcase suddenly exits the office. Pinkerton quickly grabs the man by his arm.
‘’There must be some way I can loosen that deadline a bit.’’ Pinkerton pleads. The man shakes his head.
‘’I shall not be bribed. The only way to get me of your back is to pay the full debt to me by the end of 2 weeks’ time’’ the man says.
‘’That is way too soon! How about I offer you a date with our lovely lady Maria Rodriquez?’’ Pinkerton proposes. The man thinks for a few seconds.
‘’Tempting, but I must decline. A date with her is not as valuable as the debt you’ve got.’’ He says.
‘’Rivaleux perhaps?’’
‘’Stop it mister Pinkerton!’’ he says as he slaps away Pinkerton’s hand. ’’I want that money by the end of two weeks. Pronto!’’ the man says, picks up his suitcase and leaves. Pinkerton returns to his office with a worried look on his face. Charles decides to follow him.

As Charles enters the office he sees varying bundles of papers trough out the entire room. Pinkerton greets Charles. ‘’Hello Charles, I’m sorry you have to see me in such state.’’ He says. Charles notices the look on Pinkerton’s face. ‘’What’s the problem Pinkerton? You look down in the dumps.’’ He asks. Pinkerton sighs and tells Charles the problem. ‘’A long time ago I took out a loan to expand the society. However that loan was not made with the most trustworthy folks. They demand the money by the end of 2 weeks, but there is no way we can get that much money in such a short amount of time to save the society. The only way I can think of is to sell the building, pay back the loan and buy or rent a smaller place with the remaining.’’ He explains.
‘’That doesn’t sound too bad. We don’t even use some of the rooms in this building. We could easily go to a smaller building in London. I am sure the other explorers won’t mind.’’ Charles says to comfort Pinkerton.
‘’That was also my main option, but there is nothing affordable available in London. We might have to go to a different country and put our headquarters there. Perhaps France would be a good place.’’ Pinkerton says. Charles shudders at the thought of having to go to France for his work.
‘’We can’t let that happen! There must be a way to get enough money so we can stay here!’’ he says.
‘’But how!? This problem has been on my mind for weeks now and I can’t seem to solve it!’’ Pinkerton says with anger in his voice. He throws some newspapers from his desk out of frustration.
Charles notices a headline on one of the papers. It reads ’Price for auctioned statue exceeds expectations.’
‘’Doesn’t Rivaleux have a giant golden statue of himself? That will surely be enough.’’ Charles says. Pinkerton ponders for a moment. ‘’I don’t think anyone would want that. Besides Wang-Yu that is, but his wallet is as empty as Anna’s friends list.’’ He says.
‘’Why not just smelt it into scrap. Then it’s just a large hunk of gold without the ugly face.’’ Charles explains. Pinkerton’s face lights up a bit.
‘’That could work, but that is probably just still about half of the debt paid off. How will we possibly take care
‘’Well there are many similar golden objects in this world. Putting all those together should be sufficient.’’ Charles proposes.
‘’But I can’t leave the society. There are just so many things that need supervision around here, like Min-Yeong, or Earl, or the helper uprising, or the prankster shenanigans, have I mentioned Earl yet?’’ Pinkerton asks in a pure fit of stress. Charles puts his hand on Pinkerton’s shoulder.
‘’If you take care of the statue I will take care of the other half. Don’t worry about it.’’ He says.
‘’Will you really do that for me?’’ Pinkerton asks. Charles shakes his head.
‘’Not just for you, but for everyone at the society.’’ He says and walks away but turns around after a few steps. ‘’ And remember Pinkerton, you owe me one.’’ He says and continues towards the main entrance. Pinkerton smiles.
‘’How ironic, from one debt to the other.’’ He says to himself.

  • Your Captain has to be Charles
  • Anyone can be on your crew
  • Collect as many Golden (looking) treasures as possible for bonus points*
  • You must play on Adventure mode.
*The following golden treasures are valid for bonus points:
Saxon Ring, Saxon Golden Horse, Golden Cloud, Roche's Treasure, Golden Banana, Spanish Royal Necklace, Hidden Jewel, St. Regulus' Chalice, King Oengus' Crown, Columba's Staff, Seth Maribre's Scepter, Golden Jackal, Ra Statue, Sekhmet Mask, Golden Scarab, Imperial Bracelet, Sacred Dagger, Urquchillay Idol, Cross of Lothair, Globus Cruciger, Wonoboyo Hoard, Betawi Headdress, Ganesh Statue, Emperor Statue (Tiger, Rat, Dragon, Horse, Pig), Holy Grail, Trophy of Time

Your Score is your Renown + Bonus points

You get 250 Bonus points for every Gold Treasure you collected, see list above
  • BRONZE: 3500 Points (1MP*)
  • SILVER: 8000 Points (2MP*)
  • GOLD: 15000 Points (3MP*)
  • PLATINUM: 20000 Points (3MP+**)
* Number of medal points awarded when playing on Classic Difficulty. Easy and Normal give less, according to these rules.
Gold and Platinum medals may only be achieved without losing, though Silver and Bronze are still possible to get with just the Record sheet for that trip.
** The platinum medal is extraordinary and can only be achieved on Classic or Impossible difficulty without losing. It doesn't increase Medal Points further than a Gold medal, but we will track how many you have.

How to participate
You can participate with a highscore, a story or both.

Write a story. Use the Challenge theme as an inspiration by looking at the constraints. Find other stories in the Fan Story directory or by looking at previous challenges.
Post your story in a new topic in these forums.
Also link to it to this thread with a comment: Include the first paragraph/few lines of your story in the post here to show readers what your story is about.

Play the game according to the challenge rules and in Adventure mode.
Post in this topic a screenshot of your Win Screen*, right after the ceremony or your Leaderboard record.* Also include a text version of your score with the submission to allow for error checking.
Submit by 12:00 noon CET, 02/10/2019 (Or 10/02/2019 for those using MM/DD/YY)
(click here for your local time equivalent )
NOTE: Only one score will be accepted - only one submission for each player please. If you wish to enter a new score, please edit your initial entry and make it clear which score you are submitting, and add the word "EditGreenlight" to the entry so we can see immediately when the result needs updating.
*If you forget to screenshot the Win screen, you can also enter with a screenshot of your Leaderboards: Go to Main Menu > Leaderboards > Local > click the entry that matches your submission game > screenshot those details.

Game Version
Must be Build 522 or later

Story ideas: What did Pinkerton use the loan for? How would Maria have reacted if the date happened? How will they remove the statue without Rivaleux noticing?

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